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Rating Stats for

Rushy Panchal

1457.89 (4,529,825th)
9,112 (16,982nd)
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Title Δ
tensorflow : tf.constant () wrong ouput 0.00
A more concise way to write this Python code +0.73
Deleting a dictionary item +2.46
Python List Comprehension how-to +0.03
Split text to phrases and enumerate them +2.32
dir() shows none-existing names -1.24
Confused with how the 'open' function works in Python -0.43
Is it possible to get the exit code from a call to exec? 0.00
Django Filter Object with created_at within the last 3 hours +0.08
Concatenate 2 strings from 2 different lines (From text file) - Usi... +2.60
How do I determine what to put inside the __init__ function in a py... +2.11
Typeerror Float not subscriptable +0.12
Using functions in different files 0.00
Trying to log-in with scrapy 0.00
Python: True or 5 vs 5 or True -0.62
multiple variable in for loop list comprehension +0.61
Django - in the model, created_at is a UNIX timestamp 0.00
inner function accessing outer function's variable 0.00
Python - Find line number from text file +0.85
How to write this for loop from C to Python? -1.25
Many to Many or One to Many Django 0.00
How to find an element in a list from its position(which i found us... +0.46
Appending a list to a separate list +0.56
Creating a database of numbers in Python 0.00
Puzzled about for loops in C -0.48
How to move an element in an array to a different index in C? -1.60
Python: sort a list of tuples in a specific order +1.69
Attribute Error in class attribute +0.57
Fastest way to count a list of words in an article using python +1.39
When/Why is '\0' necessary to mark end of an (char) array? -0.59
click no such command found 0.00
My code is working on python 2 but not on python 3, why? +0.54
get TypeError when i import my own .py file +2.33
Unnecessary use of extern within implementation file? -1.63
The right syntax to use near '''? 0.00
Python Regular Expression; replacing a portion of match +1.20
How to understand logging formatter? 0.00
How to parse a 'JSON string' file in Python? 0.00
Jinja2 Flask Python button across many pages 0.00
React: multiple modal and passing props dinamically 0.00
Python 3 : IndexError: list index out of range +0.66
Checking a conditional vs setting a variable multiple times; low-le... -1.46
How to use the while loop to get the factorial of an integer withou... -0.18
Idiomatic way to combine strings via list comprehension +1.53
Python Regular Expression Extracting 'name= ....' +3.13
File Open Fails When W+ Argument Used +2.16
Why I can't redirect output of gcc -H +2.50
Yahtzee game, __str__ not working +0.79
Substitute Multiple Alphabets Without Using Replace function in Pyt... 0.00
Passing an object as a parameter in Java 0.00