An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1509.52 (74,159th)
37,747 (2,969th)
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Title Δ
How to apply styles and text to only one button when clicked instea... -1.76
Pass href value of anchor link to URL parameter 0.00
Difference time from current date to minutes in JavaScript 0.00
Center align table bootstrap 4.5 +0.48
Convert an input type time, to a timestamp for firestore -0.01
How to ensure a certain key value pair in Typescript Object remains... +2.09
What is the way to make Observables behave in both - synchronous an... 0.00
Trying to get first date of current month in html date picker -1.07
How to read values from Request in MVC app? +1.82
How to put the % symbol at the end of the text in a text-box perman... -0.29
How with jquery get checkbox input not selected in boolean? -0.53
How to load value in input box on page load - JS +0.26
Angular 10 input value binding changed by jquery.val() -0.49
the first and last VISIBLE element in the ul list +0.30
Scraping data from .aspx page 0.00
Angular app looks different when deployed on Firebase -0.52
Remove part of a string which matches a RegEx +0.16
jquery date time picker is not working in 0.00
random HTML when I export my gridview data 0.00
create nested object from string JavaScript +1.37
How to make smaller text size appear in middle of text line? +0.48
Setting height and width for '@Html.TextBoxFor' issue 0.00
How to display all words? 0.00
weird variable hoisting in javascript -1.02
how can get particular day of date when you have start and end date -0.83
When I run an HTML file in live server, it is always being shown in... -0.20
Trying to return all objects... stored in another main object in Ja... +0.45
Stop playing audio when other is clicked and no repeat event when m... -0.52
ajax submitting more than one variable +0.00
HTML button becomes "selected" with little blue outline a... +0.44
Onclick of image toggle image src -0.51
generate 18 digit unique number -0.02
Call to a missing endpoint in .NET Core produces 404 but also OK as... +0.48
How to get this type of div container with bootstrap 4? 0.00
How do i make sure ALL textfields & Radio Buttons are selected... 0.00
How to do a query string with a `ClientRequest`? 0.00
Angular - Cancel previous search requests and keep only last -2.08
Cant get .click to open in a new tab 0.00
Image in GridView ASP 0.00
I cannot overide a style from materialize -0.08
JavaScript show text if no keydown events happen within 3 seconds? -0.50
how to generate numeric key of an array in JavaScript? +0.51
border line next to the text in active tab is not changed -0.19
Sorting Array of Objects by date doesn't work correctly, ignore... +0.48
How to dynamically change to disable the switchery using jquery 0.00
How to replace list of strings in text with items from another list? 0.00
How does this abstract repetition works? -0.31
Replace source of featured image with thumbnail source? 0.00 no load JSON - SignalR -0.52
Row Number Generate Automatically for all pages continuously in gri... +0.14