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Ed Morton

1614.84 (1,254th)
124,600 (515th)
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Title Δ
Script to display only comments from /etc/services file +0.34
Append to last (or n-th) line of function (using awk/sed) +0.94
How to fix sed: no previous regular expression error in a sc 0.00
AWK regular expression compile failed -0.79
Is there a simple awk/sed way to print list in YAML file? +0.59
How can I delete files over (n) days old but leave (n) files regard... 0.00
Replace value in single quotes using sed -2.29
awk command does not halt on windows for merging large csv files +0.31
Can these awk actions be combined/optimised, or done differently? 0.00
manipulation of date fields in multiple file using bash in GNU/Linux -0.91
Unix: multi and single character delimiter in cut or awk commands +2.34
How can I append values to each line in file1 after using part of t... -2.80
Substarct bash variable as a name 0.00
Word count and it output -0.98
AWK FPAT not working as expected for string parsing +1.76
Passing multiple strings to grep from txt file +1.19
Extract strings between 2 texts enclosed between squared brackets +1.24
awk to insert after nth occurrence with indentation +1.14
Output matching pattern whilst retaining the line they existed on -... -1.88
Program which compares two files and print the same line +0.29
grep, cut and remove \n from file -1.86
rename directory by extracting file basename inside the the same di... +0.33
awk script to cut/paste a string in a file +1.22
linux grep match a subset of files from a previous match -2.33
sed: search and replace values at position for last line of file +0.04
Replace tab with variable amount of spaces, maintaining the alignment +1.45
shell script: convert raw output (from dict lines into csv) +1.11
How to merge duplicate lines into same row with primary key and mor... -2.02
Regex pattern as variable in AWK +2.33
Extract string , grep IP address but exclude subnet with CIDR from... -1.01
Aggregate CSV data based on unique ID using command-line tools -0.34
Instead using awk in for loop in bash through all files - do someth... 0.00
Problem with the save changes in the same file with awk 0.00
Sort text file after the 16th column with p-values in bash +1.46
awk extract a column and output a file named by the column header -1.65
Print multiple fields in AWK but split one of them based on a diffe... +1.77
Only replace patterns if they are found inside the function definit... 0.00
SED Replace multiple second occurrence of a character +1.98
Cross-reference multiple lists with master list to produce merged o... 0.00
Replace string containing _ and double quotes inside a file +1.71
awk string substr and cut not need char -1.68
compare a wordlist with itself based on first 4 characters -0.14
Print 3x repetitions in second column in awk -0.17
How to print filename with processed data in awk? -1.33
sed/awk | single digits to two digits (zero) after a second slash -0.71
AWK - syntax error: unexpected end of file -0.85
How to present multiple greps as if they were in different columns? +1.33
Succinct CSV complete file read using awk 0.00
Parse single log line with awk +2.20
Can't close after awk command inside for loop to read and write... 0.00