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John La Rooy

1561.64 (5,206th)
224,604 (190th)
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Title Δ
Python- Getting a quicksort recursion error -0.64
Is there a way to use list comprehension to cycle two lists with di... 0.00
How can I make an array in python whose elements are 2 array -0.35
How do you return every possible combination of 2 lists in python? -0.23
Remove first duplicate element of a list -1.11
Just started programming (Python), using content of text file (x) t... +0.41
merging 2 sorted lists in ascending order -0.14
Recognise similar instances in array and merge them -0.14
Having Trouble Finding an Item in Set Using 'in' Keyword in... -0.31
Assign known values instead of calculating them? 0.00
How to open a file in ternary in python? +1.80
Using max together with the 'get' method for a dictionary -0.22
Python: Dict for counting unique letters in string +0.13
Getting a dictionary item from a list in a dictionary -0.57
How to sort list by frequency and alphabetically? -0.48
Removing nested keys in Python dictionary -0.08
Code for factoring doesn't work with large numbers? -0.28
How to get correct answer in for loop +1.41
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'count' referenced before... 0.00
Sorting a list from low to high from the left in python, using if s... +0.18
Using Astericks to Display a Bargraph of User Inputted Numbers in P... 0.00
How to test if a sequence starts with values in another sequence? 0.00
collection list to find what is the difference in two lists python -0.86
Sending data from C process to Python process using pipes +1.71
os.walk working differently with input() vs hard-coded path 0.00
Reverse a dictionary using single "for" loop or using &qu... +0.13
Python Create circular iterator from incremental start position -0.68
Python output does not follow order -0.09
Python IP to integer conversion not working as expected 0.00
if/if any in a list comprehension +2.42
Palindrome checker not giving all correct values when looped 0.00
After finding the average grades between the students, how do I app... 0.00
Python: Appending multiple data into one list using multiple loops 0.00
Python, how to return a triple? -0.62
How to split sentence at sentence boundaries using iterators in pyt... 0.00
python console tab completion not working in windows +2.50
Python: True, False = False, True 0.00
Tracking number of recursive calls of Fibonacci number without usin... 0.00
Sorting list of strings alphabetically ignoring vowels python -0.28
Push and Pop methods on singly linked list in python 0.00
Subsetting based on multiple conditions for python list of dictiona... +0.47
Why is Path(...).exists true even when the path doesn't exist? -1.68
What's wrong with "time.sleep(length)"? 0.00
Python PEP8 formatting for long arguments with annotations 0.00
How to extract substring by not including alternate text using Pyth... +0.98
python syntax error can figure out!! variable -0.59
Printing out a dictionary that contains keys and lists -0.33
Could someone explain this line to me : return year+1, 1, 1 ? +0.41
Extend separate lists with the outputs of a function +2.73
Building a String to be treated as a parameterized arguments for Fu... 0.00