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Francis Cugler

1366.70 (4,279,993rd)
4,814 (34,375th)
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Title Δ
Eigen complex matrix-vector multiplication 0.00
Is there a way to run a statement when a condition in a loop is met... 0.00
Benefits of CRTP over an abstract class? 0.00
How to convert part of a big std::string into a float efficiently? 0.00
How to count values above average in array for C++? 0.00
C++ operator '==' cannot compare string[i] with another str... 0.00
Pointer to an array of class type and constructor with new 0.00
Is it possible to define classes with same name in same namespace b... +0.14
Calling non-static member function outside of object's lifetime... -1.04
Two code bases with the same code but one is generating an overload... -0.56
C++ iterating over 2 vectors using for loop -0.66
Declare a variable of a class without creating an instance of it -0.57
How do I create a timer for the program with clocking? 0.00
Operator overloading - Index does not print 0.00
Issue reading file and using Arrays to store and check content corr... +0.68
How to initialize a static member variable using a static member fu... +0.18
operator<<() not resolving from template due to inheritance -0.92
Are there any manipulators to print enum values as strings? -0.34
Why does std::enable_shared_from_this allow multiple std::shared_pt... +1.31
Most 'functional' way to sum pairs of elements from a vecto... +0.36
How do i output contents of a map using operator << -0.53
Converting a set of classes to class templates and avoiding constru... -0.97
Automating a class template's size argument based on its type a... -0.65
Extracting a specific byte based on an index value +0.76
Retrieving byte sections of data type values 0.00
Resolving a compiler error due to an invariant member with a possib... -0.40
Is it possible to efficiently compute A % B without having to compu... 0.00
How do I get the month to stop displaying 1.00, 2.00, ... etc +0.03
Difference between `vector<int> v;` and `vector<int> v... -0.57
Preventing an iterator from traversing past the end of a container +2.79
Iterating over an odd (even) elements only in a range-based loop +0.03
How does operator overloading work, and why doesn't it work in... -0.91
I need ASCII key code for Shift key. All the numbers I've found... 0.00
Reading IBM floating-point in C++ 0.00
How do i parse a text file and use the file input in constructors t... -1.09
Is there a cleaner way to write this? (digit to string) -0.87
How to create and access an array of objects for a SMITE minigame i... 0.00
How to efficiently bind either an lvalue or rvalue to the same refe... -1.10
Can I point a derived class to a different base? (i.e: change the f... +0.95
What is a good way to break vulkan to test if a debug callbak was s... -1.30
C++ function declaration in C++, type cast -0.32
Why is `const T&` not sure to be const? -0.45
the macro '__TIME__' and '__TIMESTAMP__' can't... 0.00
I am having problem with this question my output is not correct 0.00
Which enum values are undefined behavior in C++14, and why? -0.70
how to read a data from random place of txt file in c++ 0.00
Pitch Yaw Roll accumulation opengl 0.00
How to assign to members of a struct object? -0.31
Palindrome Checker Code Stuck in Infinite Loop -0.07
How to call exact derived class method? -0.07