An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1481.91 (4,488,831st)
3,275 (51,581st)
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Title Δ
Using switch case inside a fragment 0.00
How do I return the x position of an object of 2D shapes without us... 0.00
static creator method for each implementing class of interface -0.19
Access file without knowing absolute path, only knowing file name +0.72
Replacing ID's in a CSV string with a class 0.00
Is it possible to get the contents of a BufferedWriter as a String? -1.51
Prevent two users from submitting the same form data from separate... -0.47
JavaScript dynamically adding divs with different output -0.47
File System Update, Locking, Timing Issues 0.00
Why is Chrome reporting outdated response headers? 0.00
Method For A RESTful "Copy" 0.00
Firefox table border inconsistency - but not when inspector open 0.00
Any way to prevent Mozilla from searching the web when you make a t... 0.00
Adding an error message when detecting elements of an array that ar... -0.17
How can I print vertically a 2d array with different row length in... 0.00
Method using Character.isDigit() Returns false for everything 0.00
Why does PropertyDescriptor return a property name with uppercase a... -0.58
Arraylist of strings into one comma separated string -0.08
(Java) I'm trying to create a Jagged 2D Array with elements inp... 0.00
Overlapping classes under the same package in java -2.13
Editing a String in a .class file 0.00
Repeating string inside loop -0.49
work out the minimum number of coins to be delivered in change 0.00
Linked list add method not working as expected 0.00
Time conversion -0.40
Switching tasks for a given thread +0.46
Passing variable through FileOutputStream -0.24
Java arrays in classes and methods 0.00
How best to file lock in Java cluster 0.00
JSP got http error while refreshing the page 0.00
java.lang.NullPointerException when run on Tomcat 8, iterating files +0.51
Run a directory of Junit tests in NetBeans 8.1 0.00
AngularJS route parameters with any characters +0.52
Run-Length encoding image compression in Java 0.00
How to hide password from Post request url and browser dump +0.02
How could I use an object's method calling the thread instance... 0.00
File Name defined by user in Java 0.00
cows and bulls methods +0.21
Adding a method to all classes that implement an interface +3.36
Binary Search for a char in a string - Java -0.03
Encoding Issue: "São Paulo" becomes "S%C3%A3o%2... +0.37
Non-atomic use of check/put error during static analysis -2.12
Doing a change program for my java class, not sure how to loop the... -2.39
Java Linked List 0.00
Moving Object to certain location +0.15
how to access the queue in a thread - Java 0.00
JSONObject within JSONArray not quite right +4.69
Why in java there is no reset option for variables +1.44
File transfer via Sockets +4.30
NoClassDefFoundError for joda DateTimeFormat -3.76