An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Mr. Polywhirl

1509.83 (71,805th)
17,714 (7,902nd)
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Title Δ
Translating jquery codes into javascript 0.00
Filter an object of array with another object of array +1.72
Javascript chance with decimals +2.29
What is javascript version of jquery's on() &trigger() (wit... +3.07
Javascript Promise with setTimeout -1.72
How to I create a remove button on a JavaScript event +1.52
Import var and resize windows -0.01
How to filter array of objects in Lodash +2.47
How to convert jQuery append in javascript vanilla? +0.43
filter collection of strings with values case insensitive -1.12
How to deactivate button once clicked Javascript -0.25
combining properties in an array -0.93
How to display JavaScript calculation in html code? +0.49
Make empty table cells transparent 0.00
How can I change URL format? -0.56
Javascript variable to html data attribute +2.26
Validating fields with js/jQuery 0.00
Reduce Array of objects and update initialized counters using JavaS... -0.48
Writing content to new windows 0.00
How to convert OOP to FP in JavaScript -1.39
how does sort method work when comparing many fields -0.64
Add sum of object after specific filter in array +2.30
Get Variables Data from two concatenated Strings +0.25
javascript - how to remove a specific value from a property in an o... +0.77
Adding a badge in a jQuery attribute +0.00
So that the result of the check is always true 0.00
How to make quiz questions appear one at a time after clicking next... 0.00
How do I put a MultiDatesPicker in Spanish? 0.00
Reduce code in a javascript for statement with a group of divs and... 0.00
Update data-type attribute with jquery -0.25
Get element from math.matrix in Javascript +0.49
How do I sum of similar properties in array of objects +0.71
Jss function with return string -0.26
Create custom pagination 0.00
Sorting array by date and increment quantity on duplicate item -0.73
How to Specify Colors for the Legend 0.00
Reading CSV file with Hebrew content -0.01
How to compare and deep copy react 0.00
Is this the best way to calculate a string -0.81
Display multiple selections that are selected on change -0.20
Print list of values from various arrays JavaScript 0.00
javascript mouse input event not responding 0.00
How to add JavaScript variable value to CSS variable? -0.43
How to access object attribute? 0.00
Extracting number from a string including special characters +0.57
How to bind every day of a week dynamically to every h1 in HTML 0.00
Grid columns and rows set dynamically with javascript 0.00
How to restart a function from inside it 0.00
Selecting previous element in DOM 0.00
i want to insert <br /> tag in this map() -0.27