An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Mr. Polywhirl

1482.02 (4,235,000th)
17,714 (7,886th)
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Title Δ
Array of names from object with objects 0.00
How to load JSON from an API into a html table (transposed) 0.00
Modify values inside array 0.00
Parse 2.000,00 to 2000 and 2.000,15 to 2000.15 0.00
Compare two and more object key value pair in javascript 0.00
Looping through Array or Object to update counts 0.00
Array parsing and converting to new array List 0.00
Select last element of item in a list with the DOM 0.00
Javascript prototype and modify original object 0.00
How to split a string to multiple arrays based on multiple separato... 0.00
Assistance needed with my encryption program 0.00
JavaScript how to change input value using public API and pure Java... 0.00
Convert string of HTML into JSON Object 0.00
Change content with buttons 0.00
How onclick and addEventListener handles toggling 0.00
Reverse numbers in function without using ".reverse" meth... 0.00
Updating data in chart.js 0.00
Make an on user visit pop-up 0.00
Transforming a JSON structure in javascript 0.00
Updating public arrays or lists- Java 0.00
Deeply self reference an object's properties 0.00
Counter to repeated data in Java 0.00
Calendar Click By Style Color? 0.00
Creating categories with different widths in chart.js 0.00
How To Get TimeZone By Area Code In JavaScript? 0.00
Is there faster way to find placeholder template in string 0.00
Change color of an image by pixels 0.00
TypeScript enum to specific object 0.00
In javascript, filter and map an array in one function? 0.00
How do I trigger a Modal with JavaScript? 0.00
Fixing code for a discord !avatar command 0.00
How can I iterate through an array in JS? 0.00
Creating a textarea when user clicks button 0.00
printing decimal to binary in javascript 0.00
Create a function that finds how many prime numbers there are, up t... 0.00
Javascript Variable with Highest Number 0.00
Turn array to a deep level of object 0.00
how to stop atribution to variable in for if 0.00
Javascript Date() 0.00
How to create array objects of fullyear months with date and day? 0.00
How to position input and p element such that their centers match e... 0.00
Splitting in ext java script 0.00
swipe menu with jquery 0.00
Unable set the limit of visible options in the dropdown of a select... 0.00
nesting array of object in javascript 0.00
Filtering a JS Array full of Objects to find multiple objects 0.00
The HTML is not updating on Jquery selector 0.00
Nested List within contenteditable 0.00
How to switch url with javascript button 0.00
on select show a box like in Wikipedia for google extension 0.00