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1519.17 (33,658th)
41,236 (2,676th)
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Title Δ
Increase performance of np.where() loop +2.10
Performing a reverse split_off operation in Rust efficiently -0.28
Fastest way to find the nearest pairs between two numpy arrays with... +2.10
How can I optimize my code that uses nested for loops? -1.12
Optimise rust N primes generator +1.34
How can I defeat the Go optimizer in benchmarks? -2.15
Performance for drawing numbers from Poisson distribution with low... -2.07
Is there a way to make this function faster? (C) +2.21
Get powers of a perfect power number -0.14
Fast PearsonR between 1 vector and many others? 0.00
With Java String, is "full expected text".equals("fu... -1.82
What is a faster way to perform element-wise summation of different... 0.00
What's the fastest or most efficient way to convert a double va... +2.84
Comparing sqrt(n) with the rational p/q -2.28
How do I implement std::io::Read for an Iterator<Item=String>? +1.69
What is the best way to repeat the elements in a vector in Rust? -0.46
Does Rust's array bounds checking affect performance? 0.00
Check if two dictionaries are disjoint -0.13
Composing errors in Rust : concating results on Ok +2.27
How to convert hex string to a float in Rust? -0.20
if else vs math in mapping small sequences +0.29
How to store binary data when you only care about speed? +0.50
How to declare a generic type that is a raw pointer? 0.00
Constructing Hetereogenous Type Lists in Rust -0.45
Data structure for finding maximum of subarrays in better than O(lo... 0.00
Sympy on PyPy - Sometimes 6x faster, sometimes 4x slower 0.00
Language Independant: Check if a string consists of a multiple of a... +1.50
How to find the kth smallest element in an unsorted array or its se... 0.00
How to safely store immutable, aliasing copies of a generic value? 0.00
"Overflow evaluating the requirement" but that kind of re... 0.00
Why is this Rust program so slow? Did I miss something? +0.48
Why is it faster to calculate the product of a consecutive array of... +1.32
Iterating through a Window of a String without collect +2.37
Converting between Vec<i8> and &str 0.00
How do I modify a value after matching on it? 0.00
Allow a function to accept a `T` or any `FnMut(T) -> T` -1.36
Boxed Fn requires lifetime 'static only when testing? 0.00
Implement Fn Trait (call operator) for different types of arguments +1.47
How to assign function return value to a variable in Rust? 0.00
Are nested matches a bad practice in idiomatic Rust? +0.50
"\n" in strings not working -1.32
Early-breaking from Rust's match +0.18
Rust iterators and looking forward (peek/multipeek) -0.60
Changing key of HashMap from child method +0.50
Rust: filtering and mapping an iterator of results -0.53
How I can create a simple basic singleton? 0.00
How can I decode f16 to f32 using only the stable standard library? 0.00
Should &self be dereferenced before it is matched? +1.87
Convert Option<&mut T> to *mut T -0.72
How do I return an error from a scoped_threadpool thread? 0.00