An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1452.57 (4,531,893rd)
1,255 (127,541st)
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Title Δ
Use C++ API in C# Project 0.00
Build error while building Nodejs on Cygwin +2.07
VBScript-How to close all the browser? +1.11
Failed to Install YII framework in windows? -2.52
Iteration in a 2d array? 0.00
Dynamically create a new type in python -3.65
Checking non-negative even integer in Python -3.13
"4 and 5" is 5, while "4 or 5" is 4. Is there a... -2.07
how to print logs into only one file by google glog 0.00
multiple commands when launching git bash with .bat +4.59
String stored in struct prints incorrectly -2.22
Division: overcoming 2 GB limitation of batch math -1.21
Pointer Increment in C -0.42
Speedup a short to float cast? +0.17
How to connect ms sql-server using jdbc? 0.00
Windows command for CPU utilization % for particular service -2.81
Reading a binary file into a struct in Python -2.78
compile classpath 0.00
MySQL ExceptionInInitializerError Java JDBC on Startup 0.00
accessing an array from main in a form -1.95
Allegro 5 + MinGW: Audio Addon Not Working 0.00
Passing data between objects in c# -2.43
os.walk .jpg only +2.81
Invoke a python method from perl 0.00
Compile Apache 2.4.3 on Centos 6.2 (64bit) +0.38
embed ruby code in C +5.64
how to get hard disk serial number with php on localhost -2.25
read value from registry via batch file -4.27
Python code in C++ -2.58
Python registering to Windows file-system modifications 0.00
Powershell - Write to Text File +4.52
Microsoft MPEG-2 Encoder & MPEG-2 Video Encoder failed at Windo... 0.00
MINGW32 error, using wrong version of ruby and fixing alias for sub... 0.00
Command Prompt "Net View System Error 6118" 0.00
How to run and swig on windows 7(SphinxPocket) 0.00
Display transparent gif file in windows form -3.97
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.ejb.plugins.local.Local... 0.00
Print a for loop on one line Python 3.2.2 +1.74
quartz can't release file handle +0.29
configuring OpenCV for all projects Visual studio 2010 -3.09
How to detect Windows 8 Operating system using C# 4.0? -3.77
how i can get MD5 hash in jdk.7.o? +0.40
Windows Program > The Zone of the assembly that failed was: MyCo... 0.00
Compiling Numpy with Python 3.2 VS2010 0.00
How to fix a Ruby "no such file to load -- xsd/qname" err... -3.74
Access violation exception c# -3.78
c++ - cli application compiled on Windows 8 can not start on Window... 0.00
Windows 8 - Running Eclipse (Java VM not found) -4.12
What's the best way to delete elements from an object inside an ite... -1.03
Choosing the right framework -1.56