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Augie Gardner

1500.62 (437,434th)
1,522 (107,622nd)
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Title Δ
Mongoose 10ms to query a single, tiny document on localhost? 0.00
How does Shopify resolve conflicting App Proxy URLs? 0.00
Mongoose Sharing Validation/Pre-Save Methods Across NodeJS Apps 0.00
Deploying angular-universal app to heroku 0.00
Angular Material 2 How to close md-menu on mouseleave +1.40
Angular UI Router 1.0.0 - prevent route load with $transitions.onBe... -3.54
Angular 1.x with TypeScript 2.x, @types, and SystemJS - Using globa... -0.85
Does controllerAs work with Isolated Scope? -0.43
NodeJS + SocketIO large socket event management +1.33
Chrome App(sandboxed) with AngularJS 0.00
Manipulating meta tags with data from controller in different scope 0.00
Declare a JavaScript variable that will hold place for php variable -1.25
How do I change a HTML class via PHP? 0.00
Instagram API posting likes rate limit 0.00
Yahoo Local Search API Is Not Working At All +3.95
Merge "Defaults" array with "Input" array? PHP... 0.00
Composer Warning: openssl extension is missing. How to enable in WAMP 0.00
Phonegap/Cordova Build error - Apple Mach-O Linker Error: no such f... 0.00
How to get child element by class name? 0.00
Geolocation not working with apple-mobile-web-app-capable? 0.00
3D Animation with png image 0.00
Google maps infobox - maxWidth 0.00
Page Jumps on android browser on text input 0.00
CSS3D Transforms: Losing element interactivity 0.00
CSS3 3D bend perspective 0.00