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Yakk - Adam Nevraumont

1581.53 (2,769th)
197,071 (243rd)
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Title Δ
Why don't standard containers like std::vector implement interf... 0.00
How do I move the value of a variant<Ts...> into a variant<... 0.00
(Chrono Time) Minute tick detection error -0.09
Why is the compiler saying my integer variable is not being used? 0.00
Is there a way to populate C++ initializer_list with a for loop (or... -1.15
std::pair() having empty values with something like boost::optional 0.00
`static_assert` on `std::initializer_list<T>::size` in a func... -0.44
Is it possible to concatenate two strings of type `const char *` at... +1.56
C++ Divide and conquer matrix multiplication algorithm too slow 0.00
Polymorphism and function binding 0.00
Is it bad practice to template array sizes when calling methods tha... +0.05
no overload of 'max' matching 'std::function<const i... 0.00
Overload -> arrow operator in shared_ptr<interface> instan... -0.70
Using automatically deduced lambda parameter as constant expression +1.18
Could not convert type C++ 0.00
How to compare generic structs in C++? +1.67
How to apply overloaded polymorphed function on elements of base cl... +2.19
C++ partial template template specialization +1.88
How to iterate through a variadic tuple in a variadic template func... -1.12
Why does gcc gives me maybe-uninitialized warning for deque::insert... 0.00
C++ template function check unique vector -1.09
Compiler calls copy operator instead of move operator 0.00
template deduction: Why the function pointer templates definitions... 0.00
c++ how to correctly overload + operator 0.00
How can I correctly check that integer underflow and overflow will... 0.00
C++ variadic function template in std::functional -0.61
Argument Dependent Lookup and stream operators overloading 0.00
tbb::parallel_for_each not executing while canceling 0.00
std::packaged_task should have deleted copy c'tor with const pa... 0.00
Filling a parameter pack by skipping optional arguments 0.00
Using automatic conversion in Pybind11 -0.11
Two levels of inheritance in polymorphic chaining with CRTP 0.00
Truly asynchronous file IO in C++ 0.00
[[noreturn]] error handler calling in function which must return, s... +1.15
How should we use an enum class for indexing (or should we better a... +1.93
How to optimize a recursive tree traversal? +0.35
std::vector (ab)uses automatic storage +2.00
How can I initialize an object in a thread and then use it elsewhere? -1.67
Why does Boost multi_index perform a comparison on the second index... 0.00
3 different / same ways of doing N-factorial compile time in C++ +1.93
Is it possible to store the variable type? 0.00
how to change the overload operator [] of an array to ()? 0.00
How does the [] operator for a dictionary know if it is being refer... 0.00
Minimum Swaps 2 - minimum number of swaps required to sort a vector... 0.00
using overloaded functions with polymorphic behaviour -0.35
Why does an instance of a derived class call a method from the base... +1.85
Call template specialization with more parameters for specific valu... +2.02
Why doesn't std::function participate in overload resolution? +1.16
What is the best practice to consume a pointer returned as an argum... +2.01
what the "range-based for" call of iteration 0.00