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Yakk - Adam Nevraumont

1564.05 (4,902nd)
197,071 (244th)
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Title Δ
Is initializing a vector using `std::transform` + parallel executio... 0.00
A variable template that is true iff a class template would instant... +0.47
Lambda function is giving unexpected output +1.76
How to remove redundancy from and add flexibility to template param... -2.02
Should templated classes be precisely as fast as untemplated classes? 0.00
C++ string push_back function not working 0.00
Can't understand why git merge -s ours will ignore previous com... -2.02
Cannot access type aliases of a forwarded type when passed by refer... -1.39
Copy Constructor in c++ not working as expected -0.09
Why not always use ::operator new instead of new (without even cons... -0.12
Use one template for one-dimensional array and three-dimensional ar... 0.00
Generic function using std::span doesn't compile +0.74
Random integer range 0 to 100, sum of results also cant be over 100 +0.22
Pointer Constructor in C++ 0.00
Short circuiting in fold expressions -2.16
Pass C++20 Templated Lambda to Function Then Call it -1.49
Use of std::span<std::span<uint8_t>> -1.96
Can pointers to different types have different binary representatio... +1.91
Is it safe to use parallel execution policies with std::back_insert... 0.00
Resolving to different types based on the argument types of a c++ t... -1.53
convert c multidimensional array to multidimensional c++ vector +0.37
Are string functions like strlen, strcpy, strcat really old and bad? +2.08
how to tell if a character is inside a string c++ -1.30
How to know the required interface/contract of template arguments i... 0.00
error: inconsistent types 'std::optional<double>' and... +2.08
Is "pointer to const int" same as " const int* " +2.14
When are fold expressions as template parameters allowed? 0.00
How do I manage declarations that require template parameters deriv... -0.82
Multiple instances of the same application hang when they launched... 0.00
if condition is true, add an expression to a loop +0.87
The expression " x = (a,b); " 0.00
Is there a way to specify and use a list of all data members belong... +0.94
Could C++ checked exceptions be sanely implemented? +0.10
Overload of std::ostream for __int128_t ambiguous (when called from... -1.14
Why C++20 allows defaulted comparison to compile even when it is de... 0.00
Is it possible to override functionality with a mixin-like pattern... 0.00
Is there any downside of declaring function parameter as const poin... +0.01
Can we pass self a default parameter in template parameters? 0.00
CRTP with abstract interface, dynamic_cast working but dynamic_poin... +0.43
While passing an array through a function in C++/C, why address of... +0.41
When is nested initializer_list ambiguous, and why do templates aff... 0.00
Weird error in existing Crypto++ code, casting pointers to void* 0.00
Why does Visual Studio mark my CPP and Header files as Miscellaneou... 0.00
How does one manage a self-referring cross-scope lambda? +0.16
std::enable_if with sfinae detection of a non-member existance -0.11
How can msvc++ and clang know the size of this struct and do not ev... 0.00
Storing arguments and function and using them in another function +2.10
Partial specialization of variadic value template -1.97
Cannot convert std::reference<T> to std::reference<const T... 0.00
Why does an explicitly-defaulted constructor give a 'function d... 0.00