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Yakk - Adam Nevraumont

1580.19 (2,911th)
197,071 (243rd)
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Title Δ
Reliable comparison of double 0.00
How can I use void template type for compile-time conditional code... 0.00
C++ why are typedef structs unique compared to typedef primitives 0.00
Is it possible to use base class member in a union in derived class? 0.00
c++20 views with parameter pack or initialiser list 0.00
Why are my two tuples containing strings, created the same way, not... 0.00
assign a templated variable at runtime 0.00
Variadic Template Expansion - expand all except the i-th entry 0.00
is not a class or a namespace name - except it is 0.00
Best way to access elements of custom 2-dim C++ container 0.00
What's the relation between libraries and namespaces? 0.00
A function declaration that I do not understand 0.00
A benevolent case for const_cast? 0.00
C++ template Concept that requires specific parameter pack size 0.00
how to design a single write and multiple read when the protected r... 0.00
class template - How to write constructors 0.00
Key already exists in unordered_map, but "find" returns a... 0.00
Counting parameters of a template template type 0.00
Is using malloc for int undefined behavior until C++20 0.00
Equivalence of find_if and bind2nd to lower_bound, upper_bound 0.00
How to choose iterator direction at runtime 0.00
dynamic base class constructor call in derived class constructor in... 0.00
Have there ever been silent behavior changes in C++ with new standa... 0.00
How to safely "pop-front" from std::map without extra copy? 0.00
How To Convert C++ loops into C style loops? 0.00
I am trying to use template metaprogramming to find the greatest co... 0.00
Function template accept and return different lambdas 0.00
Why stackless coroutines require dynamic allocation? 0.00
How can I create deduction guides for template aliases in C++20? 0.00
Build variadic tuple from array to return 0.00
Writing partial unique_ptr for C++03 compiler which operates on com... 0.00
Is it safe/possible to access virtual methods across a DLL boundary? -1.27
How to access a vector securely on C++? +1.49
A variable is reverting to a previous value after being assigned to... 0.00
How to store input for an unknown number of iterations? -0.61
How to calculate expected number of turns using DP in O(n)? -2.34
How to create a random distribution with no specific definition? Is... -0.86
Warning: ignoring attributes on template argument... in declaration... 0.00
C++ iteratively search through mixed type Maps +1.56
Why we limit the size of stack but not heap in memory +0.38
C++ template inheritance 2 arguments 0.00
When is a constexpr evaluated at compile time? -1.60
C++ generate function with template metaprogramming 0.00
C++17 fold syntax to test vector composition +0.31
Why does std::vector call the destructor while leaving a different... 0.00
C++20 concepts: int not swappable_with int -1.57
Will instance of shared_ptr<Base> and shared_ptr<Derived&g... 0.00
Overload of a nested template function +2.17
How to merge two sorted array in o(1) space complexity? -1.17
How to generalize this C++ wrapper around a C 'class'? 0.00