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Yakk - Adam Nevraumont

1580.32 (2,750th)
187,192 (241st)
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Title Δ
Get type from variant at compile time 0.00
Sequence of a pointer reference type +0.37
How to get non-member get<N> to work for custom class in a na... 0.00
How to make template function call with variadic template parameter? 0.00
Using ternary operator in c++ returns false condition always 0.00
how to specialize std::hash call operator for return types other th... 0.00
Template deduction and overloading -1.74
Using a lambda in place of an index-able template parameter +1.41
Templated Lambda function with compile time constants 0.00
Does overloading the function operator allows to create objects tha... 0.00
Cannot move std::function into map -0.79
Shouldn't there be a name-agnostic class pointer similar to ... +0.09
Does this type aliasing using union invoke undefined behavior? +0.81
Why does the regularity of functional procedures allow passing by v... +0.39
I get why, but how exactly do Virtual Functions/VTables allow the c... -0.82
4.5 years supposed to be 4 years and 178, How I can do that In C++ +0.07
Understanding const inside a template +0.40
Presence of unordered_map determines whether copy-constructor or mo... 0.00
Generic factory mechanism in C++17 +0.88
c++17: A temporary object never destroyed -1.92
Why are variadic macros so unpleasant? +2.02
How to make a recursive lambda function that takes 2 arguments not 1? -2.08
Two packs of variadic template arguments -1.97
Compile-time performance of constexpr computation 0.00
If constexpr compile time crash for wrong branch -0.27
How to flatten heterogeneous lists (aka tuples of tuples of ...) +0.57
How to handle flexible Arrays in C++ 0.00
Using std::sort with pointers to integer variables produces unexpec... +0.38
Variadic template class iterate over types +0.03
How does operator overloading work, and why doesn't it work in... +0.91
std::initializer_list: error C2064: term does not evaluate to a fun... 0.00
Why do other PCs need some DLL Files, but my own dont? 0.00
Safe, idiomatic destroy-and-compact within fixed, unordered, owning... -0.90
How do I write a maintainable, fast, compile-time bit-mask in C++? +1.11
is stateless non-const value usable in a constant expression? 0.00
Correct implementation of is_std_swappable 0.00
ThreadPool pass function as argument 0.00
Members in constexpr functors causing runtime execution -2.33
Profiling and std::vector part of Hot Path? 0.00
Is There a Standard Container Which Works Well for Resorting? +1.53
invoke_result_t<> not matching lambda with a reference parame... 0.00
C++11 Performance: Lambda inlining vs Function template specializat... 0.00
Why isn't the one definition rule abandoned for C++17? +0.60
Passing a function to a variadic function template -0.32
Using friend functions to retrieve type information from a polymorp... 0.00
Unimplemented derived function in CRTP +0.04
Simplest way to determine if current assembly is 32/64bit within th... +1.42
c++: data on stack without initializing it +0.35
Should I rely on copy elision or on move semantics? -1.16
Template function that supports references, values, and pointers? 0.00