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Yakk - Adam Nevraumont

1580.32 (2,750th)
192,920 (241st)
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Title Δ
Having problem with implementing a chain class (chaining two contai... 0.00
Directly defining a non-template function in terms of a template fu... 0.00
Writing a subscript non-member function 0.00
Why doesn't const_cast work on arguments to std::function? 0.00
Creating a template constrained c++ factory 0.00
When to use weak_ptr instead of call by reference 0.00
Using atomic types in "wrapper" classes 0.00
How to work around std::get<>()'s lack of concurency spec... 0.00
Specific use case of to_address 0.00
Overloading operator on a templated class 0.00
if constexpr with recursive parameter packs 0.00
No array bounds check when using auto 0.00
How to save a bool value into a memory location pointed to by a voi... 0.00
Why std::get does not work with variables? 0.00
C++ creating new operators and overloading the current ones 0.00
How can a lambda capture itself for an asynchronous call? 0.00
How to pass a c++ class function as callback 0.00
What guarantees that different unrelated objects in two unrelated t... 0.00
rvalue reference usage: needed? 0.00
How can one get user's home directory using C++17 std::filesyst... 0.00
How to store a reference in boost::variant<T> instead of copy... 0.00
Which is the best way to yield thread? 0.00
How can a local std::bernoulli_distribution create accurately distr... 0.00
C++ std::variant vs std::any 0.00
Max sum from unique digits 0.00
Why std::lock() causes the endless loop when works with my own uniq... 0.00
In C++11 or above, Is there a way to implement a single-method pure... 0.00
Is it possible to use std::basic_string as a wrapper around char*? 0.00
How to copy an element of std::variant to a variable of another var... 0.00
Lambda function captures wrong "this" pointer 0.00
What's wrong with std::valarray's operator*? 0.00
How to construct a tuple of non-movable non-copyable objects? 0.00
Does emptying a std::queue using a scoped queue::swap break any rul... 0.00
With Range v3 ranges, how to combine views and actions into a singl... 0.00
Are constexpr functions implicitly static? 0.00
How to cycle through FULL RGB spectrum smoothly 0.00
Type Inference for std::string in Template Function Fails 0.00
Does Class template argument deduction works with std::map? 0.00
vscode cannot find header when compile while Intellisense can 0.00
std::sort is way more fast than custom OpenMP parallel sorting algo... 0.00
Call std::function with list of variant types 0.00
Python-like dynamic argument unpacking in C++? 0.00
How can I gate template function definition based on whether a temp... 0.00
alias template for member template 0.00
How to dynamically choose the return type of the operator [ ] in co... 0.00
reinterpret_cast of pointer to pointer 0.00
How to combine multiple variadic templated tuple classes into one c... 0.00
Can c++ 'pass by reference if possible'? 0.00
New and Delete using pointers 0.00
Why do type traits not work with types in namespace scope? 0.00