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1513.75 (49,670th)
14,271 (9,977th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to create a Mongo view using spring-data-mongo 1.10? 0.00
How to convert JavaScript object into LITERAL string? -1.09
jQuery won't recognize button clicks from $(".class")... 0.00
Keep getting TypeError: config.suite.split is not a function when r... -0.51
Push 3 random names into a new Array -0.43
Spring Data MongoDB - Views, @CompoundIndex and annotation inherita... +0.48
Extending component event handler props in React 0.00
Input field does not show selected value -0.02
How to split this array into separated variables? +1.87
Strange behaviour of array - can't understand why +0.48
Bootstrap 3 vertically align text for btn-group +0.45
How to find if an array contains a specific value in JavaScript/jQu... -0.98
jQuery events are not bind in loaded Bootstrap modal window +0.47
Export HTML table and save to .json file -0.52
Read Checkbox Data Attribute in PHP -0.02
data wont display in view with codeigniter -0.27
delay or prevent loading until php script / javascript has fully ex... +0.48
Foreach() on Array -1.94
Can adding/removing keys and indexes damage data in PhpMyAdmin -1.94
mySQL multi-join with distinct count +0.02
Javascript Adding a Class to a <i> inside of an element +0.28
Add functionality to an existing event listener +1.66
Constructing PHP/MySQL search query with variable options +0.58
Php file definition with variables +0.47
The strict equality operator and the not equal. Why they are not eq... -0.30
Access public variable defined inside method of a class php +0.18
NSUrl using stringwithformat to pass data to php page always return... 0.00
Set margin-top in jquery relative to the button just clicked 0.00
parse error in php mysql code cant see the error -0.05
How to switch between branches without bringing along file changes? 0.00
PHP/PDO: Avoid multiple db-connects/objects +0.08
Cant figure out why getInstance is undefined 0.00
Way to lock a select element after a radio button is selected in jQ... -1.13
Database design dilemma on connecting users with messages -0.03
Regex optional group with | at the beginning not working +0.47
I came across this sign in PHP " ? 0 : ".What does it mean? +0.11
Laravel "File Upload Error Call to a member function getClient... +0.48
How do I set a countdown's target time to be in a set time zone? +0.47
Clear buffer output without ob_start() and ob_end_flush()? 0.00
What does the "!" mean in `state = !state;` in JavaScript +0.74
JavaScript Changes My Date Based on Browser Time Zone 0.00
Fluid width with equally spaced DIVs (also from container) -0.27
JS loop producing no result +0.46
Checking type and number of an Object -0.16
Best way to determine if a user went offline in MySQL +0.20
Create regular expression in ruby on rails for validate username 0.00
Excel formulas to Javascript Math 0.00
PHP + Javascript: Need to use javascript in header location 0.00
Combination regex letters and digits -1.33
Iterating an array in an object in an array +1.20