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1516.91 (37,297th)
2,844 (59,142nd)
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Title Δ
Large height map interpolation 0.00
GLM conversion from euler angles to quaternion and back does not hold +4.95
C++ standard: can relaxed atomic stores be lifted above a mutex lock? -1.41
How to lock-free update index to maximum over a range? +3.90
Are atomic operations are only needed during multithreading? 0.00
Deadlock free mutexes on directed graph 0.00
Implementation of Double Checked Locking in C++ 98/03 using volatile +2.48
Can num++ be atomic for 'int num'? -1.77
Ring Allocator For Lockfree Update of Member Variable? +0.22
Why does it not work to overload "operator <<" on s... 0.00
Do mutexes guarantee ordering of acquisition? -4.29
Error in C++ eclipse project using Boost libraries 0.00
I need something like "using Base::*;" -4.11
Flash Builder Burrito alternatives? 0.00
Why I cant return Boost::Scoped_ptr from function? -1.05
empty while synchronization in c++? -4.15
C++, using one byte to store two variables +1.95
sizeof continues to return 4 instead of actual size -0.35
Can the C++ `new` operator ever throw an exception in real life? -2.94
Are C files renamed to C++ are going to be compilable with C++ comp... -3.88
Using new (this) to reuse constructors +4.13
What threading analysis tools do you recommend? -3.48
Implementation question regarding base classes and derived classes -2.09
Is the next C standard actively developed? -0.37
Switch/case without break inside DllMain -3.43
Pthreads in Visual C++ +3.75
Famous eponymous programming techniques +1.66
How do I declare an array created using malloc to be volatile in c++ +3.63
What operations are thread-safe on std::map? +4.24
Handling out of order execution +2.11
Can I avoid using locks for my seldomly-changing variable? +1.49
How does _ReadWriteBarrier propagate up the call tree? 0.00
Do you expect that future CPU generations are not cache coherent? +2.49
How do I use gcc builtin __sync_bool_compare_and_swap in g++ on Mac... +2.60
Is there a way, using templates, to prevent a class from being deri... -3.75
How to neatly avoid C casts losing truth +2.13
ROUNDUP? what does it do? in C++ -0.20
Make combobox unselectable? or better UI? +2.04
Can Win32 "move" heap-allocated memory? +3.90
Possible Threading, Variable copy issue -2.76
Hyperlink vs Button +2.33
Portable thread-safe lazy singleton +4.59
How do I Understand Read Memory Barriers and Volatile +4.00
Instead of NULL, should I write `0x0` or `0`? +1.69
How can I schedule some code to run after all '_atexit()' functions... -2.57
Cache Line Alignment (Need clarification on article) -4.10
C macro processing -3.84
How does memory fences affect "freshness" of data? +4.00
What are the benefits to passing integral types by const ref -3.14
how to change the switch-case statement to if-else statement +2.72