An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1498.03 (3,790,758th)
141 (559,112th)
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Title Δ
iOS Callkit and Background Mode 0.00
How to use GTM without Cocoapod? +0.11
Issue with getting thumbnail from videos in documents +0.37
Displaying subtitles (labels changing text) along with audio using... 0.00
Back to iOS application automatically when it's suspending in b... +3.69
performSegue(withIdentifier.......) not working -2.05
Open socket connection to SMTP server using Stream in Swift 3 0.00
How to Save the Checkmark Accessory in A Cell -1.65
Xcode Swift - Check if a day has elapsed 0.00
Parent child relationship with protocols in Swift 0.00
Replacement for use of nil in dictionaries in objective-C -4.05
Rotate iPhone Keyboard in Facebook Connect login dialog 0.00
Showing a landscape UIViewController in a portrait UITabBarControll... +4.03
How to paints a transparent circle like using CGContextClearRect to... 0.00
UIImage Performance and Optimisation with UITableViews -2.42
How would you implement a dataSource object for an UIScrollView? 0.00