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Angew is no longer proud of SO

1719.64 (85th)
142,089 (411th)
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Title Δ
Why does comparing pointers with undefined behavior still give corr... +0.35
Defaulted move members defined as deleted, when no special members... 0.00
Double Templated Object -0.29
stack smashing detected while reading file 0.00
Change value of static const int in c++ 0.00
Backslash preceding whitespaces and newline splice 0.00
Why do we use "make" command when "cc ex1.c -o ex1&q... -0.78
std::find fails on a std::vector<std::reference_wrapper<T>... 0.00
Time complexity of datatype and comment length 0.00
How to pass the map as an immutable map? 0.00
Get the size of a an element in a C++ output stream +1.79
How do you make CMake skip an ExternalProject on subsequent runs? 0.00
Customize the amout of std::string data on the stack +0.66
order of c++ range based iterations of std::vector -2.06
C++ how to remove blank lines at the end of input? 0.00
Using condition instead of assignment in first part of for header i... -0.34
Compiling projects in different configurations in a multi-projects... 0.00
Issue with namespace scoping 0.00
How to calculate the build time of C Project using CMake 0.00
Return default constructed or void from template function 0.00
How to create a thread whose main function requires a reference arg... 0.00
How does target_link_libraries(--wrap) work? 0.00
How could I acomplish having a single instance of an object per com... 0.00
Why can I use `operator<<` on temporary std::ofstream objects? -0.93
Arguments passed to C program change when using the asterisk symbol +0.22
Declaring 2 (or even multi-) dimensional std::arrays elegantly +1.21
How to implement selectable namespace-like feature within a class? +0.15
Beginner in need of a simple explanation of the difference between... +1.31
Access protected members of base class in grandchild class 0.00
Why need to ensure gcc's __COUNTER__ macro is not expanded prio... 0.00
CMake cannot figure out header dependencies if build is out-of-sour... 0.00
Can vector be resized bidirectionally? -1.90
How does this code start a C-style string with index 1? +0.22
How to pass an argument with no value to CMake? -0.77
Function pointer initialization with function declaration - is it p... +1.32
How is delete operator working in my code? 0.00
How to use pop and ret in MASM 0.00
Why doesn't 'operator<<(cout, double)' work? -1.65
The type in template specialization will be continue to calculateļ¼Ÿ 0.00
Is a nested class of a final class automatically final? 0.00
Juggling with pointer-to-member-functions within class declaration 0.00
Using Dir Command, how do I display the file location on the same l... 0.00
Can I encourage g++ to inline a switch returning a sign? +0.23
template class specification and inhertiance -2.98
Please explain why this simple C++(Qt) code works so strange 0.00
I got strange characters to my file. I use unbuffered I/O stream in... 0.00
Is this floating-point optimization allowed? +1.28
Using std::vector in 2 levels, but the inner one's member value... 0.00
C - What is wrong with this code, it does not continue after user e... 0.00
How to fix "std::invalid_argument" in std::stoi 0.00