An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1722.03 (74th)
133,350 (427th)
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Title Δ
Specialiation of template class that is member of template class 0.00
Opaque struct that is declared but never defined +1.19
A template issue when creating a slot in Qt 4 0.00
Problems running CMake 0.00
Confusion about variable name in C++ +0.21
Partial specialization of nested template template class 0.00
Variadic Templates - Recursive function - Last variadic member -1.96
Overriding multiple virtual functions in a variadic class template +0.99
error: 'std::__cxx11::list<User>::iterator' {aka '... -1.96
How can a union member have a pointer to an instance of the union? -0.49
C++ idiom when using a C library which expects a function pointer? +0.75
Alias for template base class function members +0.24
Including std::lock_guard in extra scope +0.38
How is it possible to initialize a struct, if it has non-copyable m... +0.50
std::chrono::milliseconds .count() returns in microseconds? +0.90
enable_if in function members for void and inheritance -2.59
Macro replacement list rescanning for replacement +0.93
typedef syntax clarification +1.82
Use std::bind return object and placeholder as argument in another... 0.00
Refactoring where unique functions have different arguments 0.00
what's wrong when I copy a lamda expression to std::function 0.00
What is time complexity of fun()? +0.22
Why does move constructor affect is_assignable? +1.42
is_assignable and std::unique_ptr 0.00
Definition ambiguity about whether dereference operator yields obje... +0.11
C - forward declare and use struct not pointer -1.90
Have cmake related files in a subdir under the project dir 0.00
Partial specialization with more template parameters 0.00
Cmake: only install regex match directories 0.00
specify *.pyd output path? 0.00
Does -Werror interfere with template correctness and/or SFINAE? +2.19
Should a using declaration be able to refer to a friend function 0.00
How to write a generic trait to match T::value_type against other t... 0.00
What is practical difference between `inline` and `template<clas... -0.75
Why is this function producing incorrect values? 0.00
Is there a way to getline just part of a line? 0.00
Constructor taking Base& is not called 0.00
What are the differences between these 4 lambda expressions? +0.76
Opposite of friend declaration +0.76
How to get int position of vector loop -1.49
Weird behaviour with unordered_map of vectors and erase-remove idio... +1.18
Why is the sign different after subtracting unsigned and signed? +1.35
CMake Stub Macro 0.00
Use struct from header file in main (in C) 0.00
CMake generate only one file during generate phase 0.00
How to correctly write a pointer function declaration? +0.38
C++ Compiler passing by reference without me telling it to? -1.48
Is it possible to use template arguments in extern "C"... +0.22
Custom allocator for STL priority_queue +1.15
what does this template definition mean in c++? 0.00