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1604.00 (1,581st)
29,073 (4,242nd)
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Title Δ
How to remove a vector which is specific value from tensor in tenso... 0.00
How to assign values to a tensor by index? 0.00
1D interpolation ... of 2D grids 0.00
How exactly Tensor masking and indexing should be done in Tensorflow? 0.00
How to run inference using Tensorflow 2.2 pb file? 0.00
vectorization of scipy.linalg.solve 0.00
Using yield from to refactor a factorial implementation, yielded un... 0.00
How to do indexing of a NumPy 3D-array based on 2D-array in Python? 0.00
Manually set gradient values in TensorFlow and use them in backprop... 0.00
error while using tf.sparse.to_dense function 0.00
Reading a TFRecord file where features that were used to encode is... 0.00
Tensorflow 2.3: AttributeError: 'Tensor' object has no attr... 0.00
the asterisk in tf.gather_nd in python2.7 rise syntax error 0.00
How to automatically feed command line input into python program 0.00
How to make a Keras Dense Layer deal with 3D tensor as input for th... 0.00
How to create a mask in numpy conditioned on index? 0.00
Data analysis of a 3D form in python 0.00
Tensorflow 2.x – Tensor with Average of Surrounding Cells 0.00
Data API Error : Cannot convert a symbolic Tensor (truediv:0) to a... 0.00
How can I select top-n elements from tensor without repeating eleme... 0.00
How to combine tensor elements with similar values of specific colu... 0.00
slicing n-dimensional numpy array in arbitrary ranges 0.00
Group by median for Numpy (without Pandas) 0.00
What is the most efficient way to modify a Keras Model? 0.00
Dynamic way to compute linear constraints with multiple operators 0.00
How to get Graph (or GraphDef) from a given Model? 0.00
Quickly performing a function n times for each element n in an array 0.00
Can Numba be used to subclass a Keras Layer? 0.00
elegant way to set tensor value according to a constant python list 0.00
Efficiently remove every 4th byte from a numpy.int32 array's da... 0.00
Stack numpy arrays row-wise 0.00
Tensorflow 2.0 Create a Dataset to feed a model with multiple input... 0.00
How to substract a "y" value from the trendline **numpy a... 0.00
How can I compare multiple numpy arrays for equality at the same ti... 0.00
return the top_k items of each row for sparse tensor 0.00
Input shape of not accepted by 0.00
How to match values of different meshgrids? 0.00
NumPy - Create Upper Triangular Matrix with Diagonals of Increasing... 0.00
Memory issue: Constructing lower triangular matrix in batches (in a... 0.00
How to wrap a frozen Tensoflow graph in a Keras Lambda layer in TF2? 0.00
How to freeze a device specific saved model? 0.00
How to create a Eigen VectorXd object from pointer without data copy 0.00
Issue with feeding value into placeholder tensor for 0.00
Does tf.math.reduce_max allows gradient flow like torch.max? 0.00
What is tracing with regard to tf.function 0.00
Multidimensional iterator in TensorFlow 0.00
What is the difference between the `dataset.batch` function and the... +0.36
How to use the TensorFlow dataset API with unknown shapes properly? 0.00
how to convert n-hot vectors to multi-labels in tensorflow? 0.00
TensorFlow 1.x: TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for /: '... 0.00