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1607.09 (1,501st)
29,073 (4,248th)
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Title Δ
Replace all boolean values in a dict by a corresponding value witho... -0.93
tf.divide() and tf.cast() will interrupt the gradient propagation o... 0.00
Why in created dataset in tensorflow Labels showed with shape and d... 0.00
TensorFlow gradient of matrix wrt a matrix is not making sense 0.00
Print shape of tensor even when it is `None` 0.00
Tensorflow: 'axis' argument in dot product 0.00
Compute pairwise element of two 1D array 0.00
Tensorflow: set column of tensor to infinity +0.35
TensorFlow: convert tf.Dataset to tf.Tensor 0.00
Is there an std::variant that holds all variants -2.15
Creating index array of next valid boolean value in numpy +1.91
Filling in a grid in numpy -0.16
Grouping pairs of combination data based on given condition -0.70
What is a faster way to read binary as uint8, create sliding window... 0.00
Optimizing Tensorflow for many small matrix-vector multiplications 0.00
Counting number of occurrences in numpy 2D array -0.32
Need to iterate over entire object except for first two elements. I... -0.47
Fastest way of computing a row mode on binary entries dataframe 0.00
Pass decorator argument to inner function 0.00
Can I instantiate a member class template with member variables? 0.00
NumPy - descending stable arg-sort of arrays of any dtype +2.26
Fast multiplication of a series of matrices -0.08
How to iterate over the first n elements of a dictionary in python? 0.00
Is Python written differently in different editors or IDEs? +0.03
Speed up random weighted choice without replacement in python -1.59
TypeError: Failed to convert object of type <class 'scipy.sp... 0.00
Calculate field of view from a depth map 0.00
N-D indexing with defaults in NumPy 0.00
How can i search tensorflow's corresponding api message as a st... 0.00
Convert range index to coordinates in tensorflow 0.00
I just need tensorflow function equivalent to cv2.threshold nad np.... 0.00
How to remove a vector which is specific value from tensor in tenso... 0.00
How to assign values to a tensor by index? 0.00
1D interpolation ... of 2D grids +0.37
How exactly Tensor masking and indexing should be done in Tensorflow? 0.00
How to run inference using Tensorflow 2.2 pb file? 0.00
vectorization of scipy.linalg.solve 0.00
Using yield from to refactor a factorial implementation, yielded un... +1.41
How to do indexing of a NumPy 3D-array based on 2D-array in Python? +1.02
Manually set gradient values in TensorFlow and use them in backprop... 0.00
error while using tf.sparse.to_dense function 0.00
Reading a TFRecord file where features that were used to encode is... 0.00
Tensorflow 2.3: AttributeError: 'Tensor' object has no attr... +0.35
the asterisk in tf.gather_nd in python2.7 rise syntax error -0.39
How to automatically feed command line input into python program +0.76
How to make a Keras Dense Layer deal with 3D tensor as input for th... 0.00
How to create a mask in numpy conditioned on index? +0.35
Data analysis of a 3D form in python -0.15
Tensorflow 2.x – Tensor with Average of Surrounding Cells 0.00
Data API Error : Cannot convert a symbolic Tensor (truediv:0) to a... 0.00