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1598.79 (1,719th)
29,073 (4,241st)
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Title Δ
tensorflow - how to select all elements in an array except for a se... 0.00
split a six digits number column into separated columns with one di... 0.00
TensorFlow get updates computed by optimizer 0.00
Why tensors not connected to gradients in TensorBoard? 0.00
How to assign new values to a tensorflow constant? 0.00
Minimize multivariate function in Tensorflow +0.36
Local reduce with specified slices over a single axis in tensorflow 0.00
Create image from RGB list python PIL 0.00
Tensorflow: is it possible to print number of sessions? 0.00
how to build an iterator over two containers in a chained fashion -1.44
How to perform element convolution between two tensors? 0.00
Union cannot be defined in a type specifier +2.67
Why tf.gradient with tf.where returns None? 0.00
Lazy slice in python3 0.00
Calling gets slower 0.00
Tensorflow 2.0 , replace 0 values in a tensor with 1s 0.00
Is there a function which apply a displacement map / matrix on an i... 0.00
Find Most common elements in list of list +1.09
Overcome MemoryError in numpy 0.00
how to do convolution with fp16(Eigen::half) on tensorflow 0.00
Map labels to counts after tf.unique_with_counts() 0.00
Parsing in Python where delimiter also appears in the data +0.74
Is there something similar to tf.cond but for vector predicates? 0.00
Create random trainable indices to build two 2_D tensor from one 2_... 0.00
Generate combinations of string elements in a list, limiting them t... +0.52
How to provide custom formatting from format string? 0.00
For loop iteration to continue from the end value of first iteration +0.87
How to attach the same row to every element of a column, creating a... -0.96
Keras built-in MSE loss on 2D data returns 2D matrix, not scalar loss 0.00
tensorflow reload mode to session from graph def 0.00
'numpy.dtype' object has no attribute 'base_dtype'... 0.00
Matrix COUNT + GROUP BY in python +0.99
Trying to understand .apply() in Pandas +0.37
What is the simplest way to look up a adjacent value in a structure... -0.86
How to divide 60 mins datapoints into 15 mins? -1.06
How to copy an graph operation in Tensorflow using node_def? +0.37
Map colors in image to closest member of a list of colors, in Python -0.88
How to read a tensor as a numpy array or list in Tensorflow? 0.00
Highlight specific coordinates on multiple zero matrices using only... 0.00
How can I make TensorFlow 2.0 handle piecewise gradients (e.g. acro... 0.00
Python balancing items in a list/numpy array +0.84
How can I convert a tensor into a ndarray in TensorFlow? 0.00
Tensor conversion requested dtype float64 for Tensor with dtype flo... 0.00
How to compute aggregations on a range of thresholds? +0.36
Merging a list of dicts into one dict with items appended to a list -0.29
tf.random.categorical giving strange results 0.00
Converting a List into ListNode 0.00
How can a tensor in tensorflow be sliced ​using elements of another... +1.62
Divide and distribute the result -0.09
Alternative to scipy.misc.imresize() +0.37