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Mike Pollard

1526.68 (21,389th)
9,515 (16,109th)
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Title Δ
How to handle cookies securely during the REST API call in SWIFT 3... -0.54
How do you do java equivalent of Generic callback interface in Swift -0.04
Safety of unowned in swift -2.01
Swift struct type recursion -2.05
Generic factory method and type inference -1.33
Provide concrete type for Generic Protocol implementation 0.00
Swift - Take Nil as Argument in Generic Function with Optional Argu... +1.22
How can you catch the return of 0 in a Swift if statement? -1.86
No more `private init` in Swift? 0.00
What is with the Swift compiler's error messages? +1.91
Swift Protocols: hiding some properties +1.13
Compare enums in Swift +0.46
Default implementation of protocol for Enum 0.00
Using Realm Swift with initializers throws constant errors 0.00
Swift 2.1: how to override touchesBegan & touchesMoved 0.00
Map SwiftyJSON to array +0.15
Rotation support issue with ios9? +1.98
Swift: How can you declare an empty array of named tuples? +0.00
Pass self as argument within init method in Swift 1.2 -1.25
Shadow lagging the user interface +0.46
Swift KVO - Observing enum properties 0.00
MKOverlay color mismatch in XCode 6 and Swift 0.00
NSNotificationCenter: Removing an Observer in Swift +0.45
Default values for function parameters where value passed in is nil 0.00
Bound value in a conditional binding must be of optional type -0.06
UITableViewCell and Cannot invoke 'init' with an argument l... 0.00
UIPinchGestureRecognizer only for pinching out 0.00
Passing closure to be called later 0.00
This class is not key value coding-compliant for the key...why? +0.46
How do I add an identifier to an unwind segue - Swift 0.00
UIScrollview loses its top contents when I move the containing view... -0.05
Mix of static and dynamic table view cells iOS +0.45
Is there a code only version of "Size Classes"? 0.00
How to implement NSFetchedResultsController delegate when multiple... 0.00
Creating NSDate from unix timestamp stored in NSNumber on 32/64 bit 0.00
Auto-Layout: Get UIImageView height to calculate cell height correc... 0.00
Difference between a type and an explicitly unwrapped type in Swift -2.19
Sort descriptors with NSFetchedResultsController - Swift 0.00
XCode 6 beta 7 error with swift -0.77
How to check generic swift array contains an element? 0.00
How shouldChangeCharactersInRange works in Swift? 0.00
Need to removeObserver before deallocation, but ARC forbids overrid... -1.52
'(NSObject, AnyObject)' is not convertible to 'String&#... -0.98
Fails to write proper syntax for block that uses typedef 0.00
How to check if imageView is not nil in swift? -0.31
Does block object cause retain cycle? +0.14
How to get all loaded cells from UITableView? -0.19
What (()?) and ()? means in swift? 0.00
Swift: Invalid parameter not satisfying: constraint 0.00
Swift - initialize UIViewController +0.45