An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1417.93 (4,535,899th)
300 (412,176th)
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Title Δ
C++ copying memory from one type to another -1.61
Why am I getting 4 as output after running code in visual studio 2010 -1.84
Empty constructor in c++ -0.75
C++ test with classes -3.37
Check if IF ELSE statement is valid -2.26
Scope of Heap Memory -2.77
vector initialization in vs2010 -3.90
different while loop yes or no conditions +1.97
How to concatenate string and pass to a system() call? -1.61
How to modify character size as 2 bytes in C? +0.59
Are variables declared in loops visible to rest of the code? -2.51
Why is this C++ code WORKING when it SHOULDN'T? -2.91
Memset not working -3.03
Accessing member objects from another member object within the same... -1.13
Multilevel Inheritance and Polymorphism 0.00
What is my string::find() doing here -2.73
Why do we put & in copy constructor? -2.69
what is the purpose of return in the void function +0.87
Reading class variable -0.09
Convert string to const char* issue -2.93
References in C++ and its memory requirement -0.63
In C++ is it possible to override virtual methods upon initializati... -2.96
"show" was not declared in this scope -1.71
Swapping two numbers without using extra space not working if both... -3.60
Copy constructor or assignment operator or both, which is called he... -1.49
Confused about non pure virtual classes in C++, what are they for? -3.73
c++ heap memory allocation/deallocation -1.76
Why does this work even though the function is not called with a po... -2.89
are parent class constructors called before initializing variables? -2.17
Will this specific example produce memory leaks? -0.69
Compilation error when trying to pass an Object by reference -3.93
fseek go back to the end of file when writing a value -2.79
C scanf() returns -1 -3.46
Virtual destructors rules -2.83
How to properly declare/use a character with a particular ASCII cod... -1.66
dynamic array allocation c++ -3.06
Regex for start with three alpha and four digits -2.81
object as function argument -3.05
Strange behavior with virtual functions -1.88
need help understanding cin buffer behavior +0.94
Array with Values and Pointers -3.26
printf format specifier for max double width +0.08