An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1531.32 (17,411th)
11,576 (12,817th)
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Title Δ
Dispose pattern in F# 0.00
F# class implements interface as private member, why? 0.00
Efficient list combining in F# 0.00
How should a function treat an invalid set of data? +1.27
F#: removing duplicates from a seq is slow +0.73
F# async and TPL task cancellation 0.00
Using RAII for callback registration in c++ +0.12
Idiomatic F# un-pairwise? +0.69
Looking for Haskell `group` alternative in F# +0.78
Strategy pattern in F# -1.26
F# function to find all rotations of a list -0.53
F# game development: Modifying state variables +1.96
Immutable game objects +1.48
Using System.Collections.Immutable with F# and Mono -0.04
How to use Async.Parallel within an async workflow? 0.00
F# environment integration (for scripting) +1.28
F# using Async.Parallel to run 2 tasks in parallel +0.46
Drawing in a Windows Form in F# 0.00
Tail Recursive Levenshtein Distance -1.30
DirectXMath vector operations precision 0.00
Splitting a list by alternating elements +1.14
F# remove function handler +0.21
To memoize or not to memoize -0.44
Macro definition clash between directx headers and winerror.h +0.46
how to do Array.tryFind with index? +0.84
How to make this loop more functional without bringing too much ove... +0.21
F# Cutting a list in half using functional programming +0.04
Infinite main loop in F# +1.70
Best approach for designing F# libraries for use from both F# and C# -0.81
Find duplicates in an unsorted sequence efficiently -0.77
Difference between list and [] in F# 0.00
Looping vs recursion with F# -0.84
Does it make sense to do TDD if I don't spend much time debugging? +0.21
F# RX using a timer -0.50
F# returning a value from a function that returns unit +0.48
Is it standard practice to use type aliases to indicate parameter s... +0.63
F# alternate constructor assigning values to (mutable) let bindings +0.46
F# Find qualified last tuple of the 3 tuples +1.72
How could one write Duff's device in F#? -1.74
Tcplistener randomly resetting the connection +2.58
Good F# Performance Profiling Tool -0.21
Option vs Exception in exception handling -1.42
jquery regex replace() only runs twice... then doesn't +0.45
F#: Reduce/aggregate a sequence or list in pairs +2.32
Javascript class change doesn't change CSS3 gradient in Chrome 0.00
Force multiple evaluations of a function in F# -0.28
One-way sync of two hierarchies +0.47
How do you implement goto in F#? +0.86
Group totals in F# - easy with sequences, is it possible with lists? +0.51
Bounds / Domain on Units of Measure +2.83