An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1583.21 (2,742nd)
8,769 (17,770th)
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Title Δ
Why does this code replace float with long? 0.00
Conditionally add an item in list initialization +1.77
EF Core saves null value of required property -0.32
How to filter a list of tuples with (Int, Int) values by a predicat... 0.00
VIM syntax highlight matching +0.83
Haskell List comprehension and `group` 0.00
Returning a list of every possible coordinate in a grid of that wid... +2.43
vi vim substitute text in register +0.39
Add minutes where we have same datetime in list<DateTime> +1.74
Appending '0' using concat does not seem to work +1.00
Can I have an assert inside a loop and get a result for each of the... -0.29
Split string and know the relative position of the result -0.09
Algorithm for solving equation: x^2 - 4y^2 = n -0.57
Vim matching braces confuses with strings contents 0.00
Vim: How to delete 3rd Row and paste at end of file 0.00
Convert Linux datetime to Windows local datetime format 0.00
How to replace only quotes inside a specific tag +0.44
C# - Compare 2 lists with custom elements -0.87
Regarding System.Object Constructor class in c# 0.00
Visual Studio Find & Replace characters at both ends of a string +2.12
Enumerate files and directoris with command 'ls' 0.00
Need Regex expression to allow only either numbers or letters separ... -1.17
Bash use something other than '~' to represent home directo... +1.16
Split string with multiple separators in C# -0.50
C# code effectiveness - calling a property tens of times -0.61
exclude certain element in xPath c# +0.39
Vim Pattern Searching in version 7.0.237 0.00
How can I set valid value to visual bell? 0.00
What is the difference between myArray.GetValue(2) and myArray[2] i... -0.58
How to use Where() extention method to find greater than array fields -0.12
I am trying to convert my string formatted value to date type with... -1.54
Why does C# return a Char object when indexing a string? +0.43
The type must be a reference type to be used as a parameter 0.00
Regex.IsMatch is not working when text including "$" +0.97
Should i have exception prevent users entering e.g. {0} or {2} in s... 0.00
How can I substract 253 from 175(175-253) through 2's complemen... 0.00
How can I create a generic method to compare two list of any type.... -1.27
Why is casting in certain generic circumstances necessary? +1.19
how can I repeat a substitution in vim an arbitrary number of times? -1.25
Add property without naming existing properties by Linq 0.00
error when vim macro recording play 0.00
VIM Removing duplicate lines +1.73
Switching between splitted Vim windows as commands +0.23
List add a ref to string object 0.00
systems of equations and lowest common multiple -0.07
Unwanted highlighting of pattern in VIM +0.28
C# ?? operator with DBNull (Coalesce-like result) +1.04
what is purpose of thread start delegate because any ways it is cal... 0.00
wtol equivalent in C# +0.61
Using StreamReader to read a .text file and split it up into arrays... -0.48