An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.11 (4,190,784th)
6,436 (25,078th)
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Title Δ
How to turn a Sakai instance open access 0.00
Using the perl-based rename command to change filenames commencing... 0.00
How to filter columns from CSV file based on names of columns -0.37
Sakai 12.1 deploy command error when connecting to MySQL through JB... 0.00
Why my Makefile don't remove the intermediate files? -0.39
Makefile syntax error in windows: unexpected end of file 0.00
Find and print exact match from a file, notify in print if a match... -0.99
unix shellscripting connecting to database 0.00
Sakai 11.3 Build in Virtual Box What is the gateway? 0.00
What does this code do in perl -1.67
How to print terminal output to screen as well splitting to multipl... 0.00
Table for subject/course/section in sakai 0.00
Make from *either* source file -1.01
Need serious help optimizing script for memory use -1.18
Is there a way to force rebuilding a target (make -B) without rebui... -0.71
shell "No such file or directory" on variable execution r... 0.00
Issu with loop and df 0.00
Defining functions inside of other functions +0.60
Sakai SCORM Support 0.00
How to update programs built from source -0.95
How to install own app on Ubuntu 0.00
Sudo make install permissions issue on Ubuntu 14.04 0.00
perl, <Correct Input, grep? 0.00
split 10 billion line file into 5,000 files by column value in Perl... +0.70
Sakai connector portlet configuration 0.00
Install make 3.75 on ubuntu 15.10 0.00
Best scripting tool to profile a log file +0.60
Perl script to reach a host by ssh 0.00
Downloading a image via web scraping with a Perl script 0.00
How to use make to build multiple man pages? -0.40
perl array from csv file creating newline in unexpected place -1.73
Perl match next in input -0.65
Difference between @DataProvider and @Parameters in TestNG 0.00
Switching directories in makefile 0.00
What is the best to detect stderr output and stop make -1.10
interactive shell script for execution of sudo commands 0.00
How can I force make to re-evaluate prerequisites? +0.32
Please help me debug SQL::Translator +2.35
get "Makefile:1056: *** missing separator. Stop." while u... +0.49
perl match single occurence pattern in string +0.43
I want to search for case insensitive string and replace with origi... +0.44
Make goal depend on same prerequisite with different flags +0.10
how to update make 3.81 linux 0.00
How to scrape ajax loaded division? +0.20
How to recursively change files in directories whose name matches a... +1.81
Why can't I store a regexp in a variable? -1.04
How can i check if some dir exist and then execute in makefile 0.00
calling sub makefiles in an easy way fails 0.00
How does make tell when a file hasn't been modified? +1.04
PHP 5.5 rename() modifes files and removes permissions - why? 0.00