An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1521.94 (28,356th)
51,843 (1,910th)
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Title Δ
where is the (function()) for? +0.48
Regular expression for excluding file types .exe and .js +1.18
Should I store passphrase in jsp 0.00
Angular JS reduce calls to digest 0.00
What is the regex for a group of 6 numbers hyphen separated? +1.05
JSLint's 'Tolerate Stupidity' 0.00
jQuery Even Height Floated LI's +0.62
jQuery can't make 2 changes in one action? +0.74
Use Regex to INSERT text before and after a string pattern occurance +0.40
jQuery Validator Unbinding -1.37
Modifying the "Spaces" plist on OSX to set default desktops 0.00
jquery - this.attr() not a function? -2.05
Animate an element's width from 0 to 100%, with it and it's wrapper... +1.18
Get the index of an array by position -0.51
Regular Expression, how to split with | and avoiding to split when... 0.00
jQuery - What does this syntax mean? -1.35
CSS - Non-overlapping / no-double borders with border-collapse: sep... 0.00
Textbox should be visible if corresponding checkbox checked -0.04
The opposite of this jquery function +1.52
Javascript: $('body:contains("")') with html -0.60
How to bind this function to input focus +1.10
Datetime in javascript, is it a bug? -0.71
why does styling TDs in jquery make the markup insane? 0.00
expressionEngine safecracker loading unwanted widgets 0.00
what does $ and * means in PCRE (Regular Expression)? -1.67
Detect when scrollable div is "focused" in Firefox? 0.00
Ajax loads new button, do I need to load a new selector? +0.20
Display Message if num_rows = 0 in php from mysqli prepared-statement +0.44
Why does the encoding's of a URL and the query string part differ? -1.80
jQuery ajax, wait until beforeSend animation finishes +1.98
Unknown space between links -1.33
Stopping the back button from exposing secure pages? +1.19
Create one RegEx to validate a username -0.21
Start new numbered list using jQuery -1.56
IE shadow rendering bug and jQuery 0.00
How to access php curly brace object property 0.00
Stop Double execution of events -2.19
JavaScript: Get 90% of an integer, to the nearest integer? +0.85
When should I use my own namespace and when should I extend native... -0.24
How do I change a class when a link is clicked? -0.18
What's the best way to strip out only the anchor HTML tags in javas... +0.84
Regex to find words with one character diff +0.46
How do you use the boolean object in Javascript? 0.00
Paste from clipboard -0.15
html---why the background can't position at the left top? +0.42
Regex for everything *after* the first complete sentence (period an... -0.10
How do I center the div vertically? -0.90
PHP Match the entire word +2.12
CSS Text Carved or Pressed Effect -0.21
Border Radius in Google Chrome 8 -0.56