An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1560.19 (5,563rd)
98,985 (752nd)
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Title Δ
How to set timeout while creating connection in ormlite ConnectionS... 0.00
Problems with Amazon MSK default configuration and publishing with... 0.00
Get PostgreSql table size on disk (byte) in ORMlite 0.00
Getting a "no coverage data has been collected" message u... +2.09
Can I use identityHashCode to produce a compareTo between Objects r... -0.53
Cannot see context switch overhead for CPU Bound tasks when using T... -0.91
Does the value of AtomicReference will be set lazily if we assign a... -2.03
How to increase default fetchsize for queries (Oracle DB) 0.00
Threads are going wild in Java -0.09
Why does thread pool takes tasks independenty and not concurrently? -2.27
Java - using /r within one System.out -2.06
BlockingQueue can't read String from JTextField 0.00
Extract Java Type from generic object -0.11
Blocking Queue poll method retuns null during multiple threads -1.59
How to persist JavaFX properties in SQLite using ORMLite? 0.00
Does Thread.sleep() stops calling threads run method? 0.00
How to store byte[] in ORMLite Android? 0.00
Where to handle IOException when adding a file handler to a logger... 0.00
How to persist enum const in ormlite as a interface type? 0.00
Amount of Threads with subtasks +1.78
How to Kill All Threads Created by the Current Class -2.25
Why would i only get ConcurrentModificationException only on 1 of t... -0.09
Why blocking state-dependent operations are more convenient and les... 0.00
Threading in Java (practicing for college) -0.26
thread safety of map when using UUID as key 0.00
ORMLite QueryBuilder.orderByRaw(String, SelectArg) ignores SelectAr... 0.00
What's the order of threads in Java thread dump? +1.52
What are the impacts of using Object.class lock in synchronized blo... -0.21
ormlite dao delete function not taking parameters -0.60
Is there any disadvantage of using thread safe collection classes l... -0.38
JUnit: best strategy for placing test-methods +0.41
How to fix HashMap updating every existing value instead of single... 0.00
Service interrupts lib, which then throws InterruptException, but d... 0.00
Cause of delay in multi-threading -0.11
NullPointer exception for parallel requests 0.00
Prevent Text File From Being Deleted When Accessed From Multiple Th... 0.00
Why is this multithreaded counter producing the right result? -1.57
why is there a while loop in put() of LinkedBlockingQueue -0.88
How should I design this program? +1.02
What happens to the ThreadPoolExecutor when thread dies in Java -0.60
Java jdbc Sql Server parallel writes +0.39
Android Library thread safe 0.00
How are static final and static members handled in Java? 0.00
ExecutorService - shutdown of main thread +0.42
Implementing Producer Consumer problem using lock on list -0.39
Java forcing default return statement from method with enum switch... -0.93
Java parallel tasks , only executing once -1.22
Nullpointer exception while updating a global Hashmap with separate... +0.40
Guarantee to iterate through all values in a multithreaded enviroment 0.00
final Fields In The Java Memory Model -1.84