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Jerry Coffin

1597.05 (1,908th)
463,844 (73rd)
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Title Δ
how to make a key start to print immediately after i start holding... 0.00
Race conditions due to speculative reordering / Linux RCU facility 0.00
Why does printing strlens not work for a int value? +1.54
Code is getting SIGSEGV unless cout statements are added, then give... 0.00
How can I compile a 32 bit program using a makefile 0.00
Forcing C++ to prefer an overload with an implicit conversion over... +1.92
delete and insert in random position in std::list 0.00
Recursion for combinations of objects but with limited spaces 0.00
looping through a std::deque and remove entries +0.37
Not trying to get random numbers for the values in my array +0.39
C++ Future handling 0.00
C++ winapi VirtualQueryEx function gives me "000000" 0.00
How to remake one array into two smaller via C++? +1.13
Ambiguous function call in C++ -1.35
A program that reads integers as long as they are alternately posit... +0.75
Error C2664: Cannot convert argument from initializer list to std:i... -2.54
Comparing occurrences of characters in a string C++ -0.89
How do you allow comma to be used for user input for integer based... -0.85
Double precision is different in different languages +0.87
Why does filtering out ASCII value 32 (' ') from a stringst... -1.05
Euler's number with stop condition +0.37
Fast algorithm to allocate and release integer-like handles in C++ 0.00
Weird performance difference between std::unordered_set::find and s... +0.37
what does undefined reference to a recursive function mean? -0.00
Create event handler at runtime without using WndProc win32 c++ +1.34
How to use move constructor with deleted default consturctor -1.17
Can these methods that convert safe arrays into std::list objects b... -2.67
How to use vector <struct> of other class -0.40
Global variable optimisation in anonymous namespace 0.00
How to create C++ API that can accept both Unix and Windows headers? 0.00
Is there anyway to access/modify an array using a string that conta... +1.63
Using Intel Intrinsics to quickly find sum of array of integers +0.36
Memory allocation in stack 0.00
How to invoke a template operator[] in c++? 0.00
What is the reason behind the "False" output of this code? -1.54
How a thread which is blocked while trying to mutex_lock get to kno... 0.00
How bitwise shift operators are used to combine bytes into a larger... +0.36
Find the largest element smaller than X in a sorted array with non-... 0.00
Calling function from different threads is blocking? +1.97
CodeSignal: Execution time limit exceeded with c++ -1.24
expected initializer before imprimircadena -0.65
Intrinsic benefit of using a LinkedList class to point to head Node... -0.70
Read a specific line and column C++ 0.00
C++: Do functions within structs get copied with the struct? 0.00
Should we still use classes or functions that require std::iterator... -0.32
C++ structure for time with TZ, but without date? -0.55
How to fix "terminate called after throwing an instance of ... 0.00
Optimization. How to speed up the given C ++ code? -0.20
"Heap use after free" error in LeetCode Online Judge but... +2.05
Why does printf output float 1.45 with one decimal place, and 1.445... +1.62