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Jerry Coffin

1589.93 (2,127th)
387,510 (52nd)
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Title Δ
How can I add some text line in my window? 0.00
ifstream in loop stuck on the same value after returning to start o... 0.00
Is there a way to create a looped array in c++ +0.35
How to create a bitmap/image from Scan0? +1.41
How to make objects communicate with eachother? +0.37
C++ OOP, problem with reading file, EOF used two times, leaderboard -1.99
Lifetime of objects in c++ -0.13
MFC CEdit won't take keyboard input 0.00
Error while building c++ addon, whats the solution for it? 0.00
multithreading log printing prioriry c++ 0.00
MFC double buffering doesn't copy bitmap 0.00
why does unordered set mix the values -0.25
Compiler error: invalid conversion from 'int' to 'int*&... +0.38
Question about polymorphism & overloading -1.32
How to know which functions of a library get called by a program +0.30
Error while including <ctype> on atom using c++11 -0.62
Segfault using a map with fstream 0.00
How do I use setw in C++ to align/format text in the console -0.62
map performance comparison between go and c++ +1.66
Why isn't => an overloadable operator in C++? +1.75
DeleteFile which begin with substring -1.85
Windows API To Access Font Tables (Kern, GPOS, etc) -0.60
rewrite c# Stopwatch to c++ 0.00
How to find matching elements in a single vector 0.00
With MODULEENTRY32 and MODULEINFO, what are the steps to scan for a... 0.00
Practical advantage of using polymorphism over inheritance in C++ +1.50
Iterators in C++ begin/end vs a:collection +1.82
how to implement a tree where the branches have a value 0.00
Question on how I can use and obtain just the value of return after... +0.38
If there are Vectors, then why are there Arrays? -2.07
integer overflow in expression, when multiplying 13 digits 0.00
How to read an input from a file one at a time similar to reading i... +2.18
How to run cmd commands as an administrator on C++ -2.61
C++ How to convert substring to int -0.13
c++ password storage .txt file + masking input 0.00
What should a find function return in failure result? -0.62
C++ string literal equality check? +1.73
C++ adding n strings to a string stream 0.00
c++ std::thread: Is this code guaranteed to deadlock? 0.00
Why do I need different dumpbin options for different image types? 0.00
Why does this compile? [C++] +1.13
How to avoid 'not declared' error in old template-heavy lib... 0.00
Why doesn't my code work in visual studio? -0.13
Why to use ForwardIterator when I can achieve the same using a Bidi... 0.00
Why does copy assignment operator return *this? 0.00
Why doesnt istream support rvalue extraction -0.64
Check scanf formating without conversions +0.70
Check if the TCHAR array input is signed integer C++ 0.00
Making an unknown class instance 0.00
Unable to change the elements in an array using a function -0.53