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Jerry Coffin

1584.84 (2,586th)
420,238 (64th)
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Title Δ
Read a list of words into vector 0.00
How do you compare and sort a specific parameter within a class? 0.00
Generate & transform algorithms doesn't work in c++ 0.00
Is making the whole object constant same as making the whole object... 0.00
How to type a backspace in C++? 0.00
C++ What's the difference between the way compiler accesses sta... 0.00
Reverse linked list using double pointer 0.00
c++ count the number of occurrences of each word in string using an... 0.00
C++ unknown escape sequences on regex + groups captured by half 0.00
What is the best way to detect that a recursive function is called... 0.00
Circular queue using STL queue? 0.00
Print bytes of specific address 0.00
find the maximum and minimum value in vector 0.00
Vector that contain other vectors with a float and another vector o... 0.00
Shuffle a list of strings in C++ 0.00
Why does my counter not function properly when it should be 0, but... 0.00
How to run SQL queries on VS 2019 using c++? 0.00
Fast Multiply Each elements in Array 0.00
Removing code duplication in inheritance? -2.23
Any way to get notified when a inputable box is actived in windows 0.00
Problems with directory deletion MFC 0.00
there's an extra newline before text ofstream c++ 0.00
How to insert multiple data types of varying length into variables? -1.83
0x%08lx format specifier in printf statement to cout -2.50
How to programmatically print without prompting for filename in MFC... 0.00
Open a link at a specific time with C++ 0.00
Is there a way to explicitly call optional arguments in c++? -1.57
Lambda <-> closure equivalence in C++ 0.00
Accessing STL Map element using [] operator adds new element if key... -0.14
JPG - how to read / extract data from ICC profile section APP2 0.00
How to Read the program counter / Instruction pointer of a specific... +1.48
Is there a way to prevent words from getting 'cut' in C++ o... 0.00
Why is a C++ reference to a temporary variable in the constructor a... +1.68
Getting thread id in c++ -1.96
How do I add a plaintext file in a second column in a makeshift hex... -1.73
Is there a way to factorize large numbers in c++ 0.00
Printing argv with forrange loop -0.58
Sort array of pair by frequency of occurrence in C/C++ -0.13
How to get the "display stream" of a MS Windows window? 0.00
Include file on different compilers 0.00
Lesser than expected outputs +0.12
Creating a Forms-Based MFC Application 0.00
std::async too many arguments +1.54
How to simplify this c++ code with template? -0.18
Generate two random numbers so that one is always greater than the... +0.37
Bits: Search&Replace bit sequences -0.54
c++ early binding and late binding 0.00
iterator .end() from std::list returns "0xcdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd&quo... +0.37
Can I use socket connection to get connection from any ip address n... 0.00
C++: how to loop through integer elements in a vector +0.19