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Rating Stats for

Fyodor Soikin

1684.61 (223rd)
45,931 (2,276th)
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Title Δ
F# pattern matching with string 0.00
Unique symbol value on type level 0.00
How is the 'this' attribute used in Fable? 0.00
I am struggling to understand how concat is read in Haskell +1.26
what is the best way to get notified when a task finishes, in F#? 0.00
thread-safe option in F# 0.00
Filtering a list by the result of a function mapped onto it. Haskell 0.00
Why does using try in conjuntion with affjax's XHRError result... 0.00
Flattening a mixture of lists and single elements in Haskell 0.00
API for handling polymothinc records 0.00
Is there better way to unwrap record from sum type? 0.00
Pass polymorphic record to foreign function 0.00
ConstrainedTypeUnified error from Prim.Union 0.00
Using the "constraints" package to make a wrapped functio... +1.38
Reverse an Array in F# 0.00
Implementing F# interface types that have methods with generic type... 0.00
The compiler compains about static resolved parameter +0.25
ExecuteNonQuery from SQLHelper 0.00
Purescript define cons as typeclass operator 0.00
Parsing nested parentheses in F# using recursive descent 0.00
Haskell constructor as variables of functions +1.16
How to debug with PureScript? +0.27
How to show always F# type like VSCode in Visual Studio 2019? 0.00
Haskell recurcive function type error with boolean 0.00
c# same command for different textboxes +0.28
What is the difference between packages.dhall and spago.dhall files? 0.00
How to create a custom parser Monad for SimpleJSON in PureScript? 0.00
Matching tuple elements with "as" pattern +0.27
Coercing existing types for internal DSL in F# 0.00
Is it possible to get the tag of an union at runtime? 0.00
Why does returning a String not count as an expression of type Show... 0.00
Prevent shadowing of Ok and Error with FParsec? 0.00
F#'s auto generalization didnt work as expected 0.00
F#: Meaning of "type X = Y of Z" +0.25
Can I print in Haskell the type of a polymorphic function as it wou... -0.43
How can I parameterize a monad by its monad transformer? 0.00
Haskell make groupBy shorter +0.54
Why are these two F# class objects of the same type not equal? 0.00
How to add a default value in record type? - F# -0.25
Continued "Is there an equivalent of C#'s nameof(..) in F#... +0.27
F# list of discriminated union sub-types +0.19
mutable dictionary immutable in F# +0.53
What do I wrong comparing a tuple of integers in PureScript? 0.00
Can someone clarify monads / computation expressions and their synt... 0.00
Creating an 'add' computation expression 0.00
trying to extend the result type.. unsuccesfully, in F# 0.00
Haskell: Filtering a list based on a predicate for all other elemen... 0.00
Recursive Function that divides two integers and returns result and... 0.00
Checking the entered matrix for correctness 0.00
How to parse row-polymorphic records with SimpleJSON in PureScript? 0.00