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Rating Stats for

Fyodor Soikin

1679.76 (251st)
45,931 (2,276th)
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Title Δ
Filter list with Union Type 0.00
F# How to print out a sequence in a pipe forward sequence? 0.00
Import monadic stuff from another module 0.00
Is it possible to use List.unfold to list all factors of N? 0.00
F#: How exactly is ToString supposed to be used? 0.00
Forcing IO to evaluate 0.00
Associate a non-type-class function with a type in Haskell 0.00
Inline C# Object Creation in F# 0.00
why is my multiplication function in haskell not letting me multipl... 0.00
Compiler error in F# when creating a secondary, non-generic constru... 0.00
Removing property with Json.NET using deep scan selector works with... 0.00
F sharp parameterized types - cartesian product 0.00
How do try and <|> functions from parsers lib work 0.00
getArgs string to int 0.00
Best syntax for reusing (anonymous) record values 0.00
What's wrong with this recursive curried function 0.00
Create f# class which implements interface using another interface 0.00
What is the effect of parenthesis when using tuples in discriminate... 0.00
function adds an element to an list and returned sorted 0.00
Return from FOR ... IN in extension recursive method (F#)? 0.00
Clean way to extract results, or aggregate errors using Result, in f# 0.00
How to use additional types for extra type safety in Haskell 0.00
How do I abort a scan but retain the flag element of the sequence:... 0.00
Why is return type of this expression calculated to return type uni... 0.00
How to preserve generic type in async computation expression? 0.00
how to explicitly reference an operator 0.00
Using StringBuilder with a computation expression, in F# 0.00
ERROR: no instance for (Num Char) arising from the literal `1' +2.00
How to foldl an io operation on a list generated by a zip in order... 0.00
Extend type in F# 0.00
Problem while writing a small parser in Haskell using Parsec -1.37
Mapping and filtering a list of maybes with a maybe returning funct... +0.84
How to print some values only once from array 0.00
Moq: How to mock a function in F# without a placeholder interface? 0.00
Printf-like function in F# computation expression 0.00
How to copy elements in a list different number of times? +1.97
F# using FSharp.Data not able to get basicAuth working 0.00
F# Use base type of discriminated union 0.00
Why is is the compiler telling me "Type misMatch for App messa... 0.00
How do I solve this ambiguous type variable error in Haskell? +1.69
What are the alternatives to returning a discriminated union from a... 0.00
How should the cloned sheep type be constructed +1.46
Summing all tuples with same keys (Implementing Haskell 0.00
How do I get JavaScript code in another directory into current Java... -0.23
why do I need parenthesis in this dictionary initializer, in F# 0.00
Parse Error On input on two functions - Haskell 0.00
How do you install a specific package version with Spago? 0.00
is there an idiomatic way to make a retry loop in F# +0.26
Haskell `palindrome = reverse >>= (==)` +0.56
Overhead of Object Expressions when used with inline function 0.00