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Davide Lorenzo MARINO

1548.63 (7,901st)
20,085 (6,777th)
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Title Δ
How to check same string value for multiple properties and shorthan... +0.43
Differences between ng build and ng build --watch -0.32
Passing Dynamic data on an Angular Application 0.00
Angular right click open also right browser menu -0.08
Angular routing question - 2 doughnut holes 0.00
How to set 3 consecutive position of array an RGB values in a loop -1.88
Request objects and response object +0.43
Why my private variable becomes null when I tried to access it from... +0.43
com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.IntNode cannot be cast to com.f... -0.06
Using optional to populate value in a Map +1.62
In java, how can i declare a variable inside an if lambda condition? +0.05
How do I remove null values from LinkedHashMap<String,Object>... +0.41
How to merge multiple files in another new one in java? -0.27
Where is the API for a library declared in Java? +0.05
does intern() method have implication on performance? -1.41
new object will not populate with defined parameters 0.00
Problem with executing a method concurrently in a class with differ... 0.00
How to Trace a Java flow from Method to method using Java 0.00
Creating a method to validate a user id +0.44
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format: "dd-MM-yyy... -1.60
Best approach to query for 20k values in a 3 million rows mysql tab... 0.00
Continue instruction of while loop not executed 0.00
Is there any optimization for thread safety in for loop of Java? -1.25
How to use multiple mongodb databases in one spring boot applicatio... 0.00
java.sql.SQLException: After end of result set error in mysql 0.00
How to sort the Object containing list in asc order +0.81
How do I allow java to have permission to read and write to files o... 0.00
Stream rows from PostgreSQL (with fetch size) 0.00
How to testing method with different exceptions and results? -0.32
How i can pass a list<String> to the server with url -0.33
How to get specific word in a string in Java +0.42
Create new array from method that takes two parameters java -0.64
How to customize excel formula in java -0.53
Why do we need to use the builder design pattern when we can do the... +1.91
Is it ok two use two IDs for one Spring-Bean in a Spring-Config? 0.00
Is there any way i can input a Date of class Date and then use it i... 0.00
Stopping ScheduledExecutorService when button action is performed i... -0.02
Using multiple threadpools and connection pool 0.00
comparing time between two files which are part of the file name -0.91
printing two dimension matrix in java 0.00
Simplifying REST URL with JSON Parameters -0.09
Implement an iterator on a List<List<Integer>> in O(1)... 0.00
How to create a bean remotely without changing the actual class in... 0.00
Java 7: Generic method to convert GET response to Generic Object +0.07
Jackson JSON to pojo from array of objects with no property name 0.00
HashMap vs MultivaluedMap 0.00
Why the method that gets the Father class as a parameter is called... -0.54
How to fix outOfMemoryException? +1.33
Is this a valid unit test for Hash Map? +0.19
How to create a line-based observable from InputStream? 0.00