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Olivier Grégoire

1541.16 (11,236th)
15,415 (9,107th)
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Title Δ
How do I deserialize a string as a custom object with Jackson? +0.45
Can I use @Provides without @Singleton? 0.00
How to find the 5th perfect number (which is 33550336)? The problem... +3.01
Binding a guava supplier using guice 0.00
How to parse string using regex +1.89
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of com.g... +1.94
Java - programmatically check for invalid characters in file name +2.45
Binding same parameter to multiple implementations with Guice's... 0.00
Guice: A binding was already configured 0.00
How to initialize a generic variable -1.60
How to generate a 5 character unique alphanumeric value in java? +0.90
Accessing a Guice singleton from Injector 0.00
How to prevent a user from entering a invalid answer -0.87
Avoiding code duplication when checking for default responses -0.55
How to reduce stream to single value if it size is 1 or to a defaul... -1.13
Using main class inside the package in java +0.45
How can I bindInterceptor in Google Guice when the Interceptor does... 0.00
JUnit5 - Showcase test case name dynamically from json file +0.46
How to generate random numbers between 1 and 60 -0.98
Java BorderLayout PAGE_END overwrites SOUTH 0.00
Guice Assisted : No implementation for java.lang.String annotated w... 0.00
Could we remove while iterating if we just remove 1 element? +0.73
What does a number like this mean in Java: 0b1000_1100_1010? (The &... +1.19
Java - convert unmodifiable sets in a map(key, set) to modifaible -0.36
override getOrDefault of HashBiMap implementation 0.00
Leetcode Valid Palindrome Question Problem Debugging +1.45
Can not Mock a final class in Java +0.44
Inheriting annotation for AOP in GUICE 0.00
Find the MIN/MAX/SUM from a Text File +0.21
Can I have a Guice @Provides method in a class that doesn't ext... 0.00
Java : how to send x emails per minute +1.13
Coding up to Factorial 23 in Java -0.23
Java DES/ECB/PKCS5Padding encrypted value are not same 0.00
Can I use Guice on Android? 0.00
Is it possible to use custom annotations instead of @Named in top o... 0.00
How to do Collectors.groupingBy equivalent in Java 6? 0.00
Find the last element matching an expensive condition from a List,... +0.06
newConcurrentHashSet() cannot be resolved from in... -0.06
How to check if a string contains uppercase java +1.36
How to check if a string contains uppercase java -0.94
Creating guice injector of another module installed inside current... 0.00
Not able to throw exception for @override method +0.46
Gender is enum with FEMALE, MALE 0.00
How can I optimize This Code Into Lesser Line of Code +0.91
Why Google Guice not able to intialized the i18n object and giving... -0.05
Kotlin map function returns a Stream and is not a Java equivalent f... +1.25
Is this the right approach to use custom annotation in guice? 0.00
Code is crashing, it is meant to take in a full name e.g. John Cena... -0.55
How to replace my old Java code with Optionals (Functional programm... -2.17
Optimize my code from @Provides to bind in my guice package 0.00