An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1433.24 (4,535,168th)
7,682 (20,637th)
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Title Δ
Switch Statement based on Class Properties -1.37
Stopwatch shows only seconds +0.01
Polymophism in C#, how to turn parent object into a child object in... +2.55
Class instancing from a static method in C# -0.38
Why do we specify the System.Reflection.Missing.Value? 0.00
How do I set a generic type inside a generic class 0.00
Best practice for instantiating a class and loading data from datab... +2.44
Return an error message when something goes wrong in the API -0.16
Difference between WCF rest and Wcf soap Services 0.00
C# Dictionary recursion 0.00
Clarification on sqlTransaction operations +0.27
ExceptionFilter doesn't run .NET Core Web Api 0.00
Change global defaults for .suo contents visual studio 17 0.00
Creating files with a specified name,path and format from a object... 0.00
Why is it required to have override keyword in front of abstract me... -0.59
Session variable defaults to the last one set 0.00
Date parameter in controller action 0.00
c# visual studio Summarry -1.73
.NET Core Settings - the best practice -0.40
Why i cant rename a file? 0.00
C# Interfaces rules of thumb for data types returned +0.28
Type variable always returns null when running the GetTypes() method 0.00
WIX: Executable does not find dlls in subdirs 0.00
Is there a way to convert a whole condition in string to boolean +1.15
Unmanaged c++ DLL to get struct from c# +0.11
Getting The SqlParameter is already contained by another SqlParamet... -0.27
How would I construct this database? 0.00
SQL Wrong syntax near 'END' 0.00
C# StreamWriter - Probable I/O race condition detected while copyin... 0.00
Pass 3 parameter to powershell function can not show separate param... 0.00
C# Coding Best Practice +0.33
Publishing a .csproj through TFS visual studio build task 0.00
Passing method with parameters with constructor -1.48
How to link a single key file to each project in a solution? -1.84
C# Image.FromFile "is in use" workaround? 0.00
How to detect that a file is locked by a browser? 0.00
Batch query exception -1.41
.NET Impersonation not working +0.51
C#_EventLog Exception 0.00
Why is an if statement working but not a switch statement +1.12
PdfDocument remains locked after closing 0.00
How to get the Windows client user ASPX C# +0.09
C# - Loading large amount of lines from .txt file 0.00
C# access variable from form 1 with form 2 +0.08
Proper locking pattern 0.00
APPCRASH StackOverflowException clr.dll c00000fd -0.41
Why is Trace.WriteLine printing random characters instead of what h... -0.93
Calling C# application form unmanaged C application 0.00
How to convert JavaScript regex to c# regex +0.59
Replace DLL in an application 0.00