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andrew cooke

1549.37 (7,950th)
35,795 (3,200th)
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Title Δ
Infinite recursion on adding days to a SimpleDate python object cre... 0.00
In AES decryption, "Given final block not properly padded"... 0.00
Python / Git / Module structure best practice -0.08
RSA implementation Help C++ 0.00
Python repr & passing class instances as params 0.00
What algorithms can be used to simulate a lens that is physically a... 0.00
How to use remote server sqlite database using python? 0.00
sqlite3 api interacting with databases 0.00
Gaussian Distribution little help in C 0.00
How to divide numbers in python +0.26
Drawing trees without any constraint on degrees +0.45
How to optimize the KASUMI cipher S-boxes? -0.06
access violation error in deletion of nodes of a tree 0.00
Cipher that returns the same length as the input 0.00
Adding Zero padding to an array -0.08
random excluding 0 in python -0.56
How to allocate all memory at beginning of app and then typecast it... 0.00
Caesar code in C extra letter for result -0.60
Secure password hashing approach 0.00
Is there any effective difference between those two functions? 0.00
Python 3.3 Side Cosine Rule Calculator Error +0.17
Number of knight's tours in C +1.47
Any intuition or insight into why these programs run differently on... 0.00
Not sure how to code insert statement when there is a foreign key i... 0.00
file input and output, loops creating new line 0.00
walking simple tree in python 0.00
Attempting a buffer overflow -0.10
python module importing difficulties -0.08
linking to source code file in sphinx -0.07
create rpm containing a python program 0.00
How to print my Caesar cipher without spaces? +1.83
Binary tree: first common ancestor -0.85
python module for libnet in Opensuse 0.00
Can't decrypt after encrypting with blowfish Java 0.00
XML format error (backspace code 8 in ascii) 0.00
String manipulation appears to be inefficient -0.06
sine wave that exponentialy changes between frequencies f1 and f2 a... -0.03
Workarounds to suspend (serialize) and resume a recursive generator... +0.43
How to generate subpeptides (special combinations) from a string re... +0.43
Python Regex re.compile clarification -2.09
How to run python script with elevated privilage on windows -0.57
Finding all of the machines available on my local subnet 0.00
Why isnt my code giving me the prime numbers 0.00
preincremented char pointers all pointing same address after increm... 0.00
why i am getting Remote ip address from recvfrom()? 0.00
multiple independent blog accounts with python based framework 0.00
Python - Generate a 32 bit random int with arguments -0.32
RSA encryption - trying to encrypt a message returns wrong values 0.00
Bouncing ball between 4 walls destination algorithm +0.09
How to generate board for game like boggle +1.56