An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Mario Stoilov

1474.51 (4,512,189th)
2,093 (80,412th)
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Title Δ
Zend DB union count 0.00
Zend DB select with literal 0.00
Run Gradle from intelliJ as administrator 0.00
Create ms sql database with some flags -3.82
Powershell not recognizing boolean argument 0.00
How to convert the following JSON array into IDictionary<string,... -3.55
Convert an Task<Bitmap> to Bitmap +0.28
C# visual studio 2013 premium debugging issue 0.00
Check TO See If All Items From 1 List Are In Another List +2.24
Multithread + C# + Performance + SQLite -3.79
Capture Photo in WIndows application using html ? Just need client... 0.00
Android Runtime Error in App 0.00
Flow Document with multiple columns-WPF 0.00
What does if(x) exactly resolve to in C? +2.90
WebClient Headers on WP8 +0.26
Setter vs. Event 0.00
Deserialize json based on fields in .Net (C#) -3.00
How to open and close Window 8 Charms Bar from java code? 0.00
Create File into system android 4.4.2 +4.41
Google play suspend my app - Violation of section 4.3 0.00
How can i set wpf's Image Source property to canvas instead of imag... -2.31
JSF persistance file issue 0.00
Calling a framework class' from child in C# 0.00
launch an external program C# button, and function in this program 0.00
Fire the MouseUp event even when outside control in WPF +4.31
Inexplicable behavior in algorithm that should create 4 lists based... 0.00
C# HtmlDocument full HTML -2.92
New to C# and can't make a Multidimensional Array -1.16
Get indexes from list<> -0.71
Android: JSON parsing error +0.33
sub-thread not returning to main thread +0.12
What is meant by mutual Authentication in WCF? +2.49
How to create a JSONArray with GSON +0.07
Homework help needed java interface using MyMath +4.16
Asynchronous programming model and application scale -2.70
Why must I override toString method instead of just creating anothe... -1.00
How to create a back button that brings you to your previous page o... -3.05
What is difference between FragmentActivity and Activity? -1.21
keydown events ( press say 1 it opens a process press 2 it closes t... 0.00
What is the best way to add a listener to my fragment -4.03
How to run asynctask from different class file? 0.00
How to replace a Fragment on button click of that fragment? +0.22
How to open a local java class from sdcard in android +4.19
Mutliple AsyncTasks with sequential execution +3.17
Dynamicaly write text in textbox while performing action -1.91
Set Android Toast duration to be really long (e.g., 1 minute) +2.80
Is there a way to display or list out all parent containers of a ch... -1.98
How to pass value from Activity to anywhere in same Activity? +2.28
Methods required in only 2 classes out of 20 that implement an inte... +0.54
Unfortunately, Organitza't (my app) has stopped -0.17