An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1519.86 (32,166th)
4,039 (41,507th)
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Title Δ
A way to verify that an unknown module is obliged to a specific int... 0.00
Python: Why is scope of variable referencing a List is different th... +3.82
paramiko - How can I refresh the modified date of a file on the SFT... -2.01
python: how to access class.__dict__ from class variable? -2.68
What's the relationship between I/O streams with outer devices +1.71
Python: is a Python function equivalent to a Python object? +3.70
Unhandled exception aborting python process on Windows, but not on... 0.00
python on Windows +3.69
Techniques for condensing code +3.91
Variable scope (Python Newbie) -1.30
How to efficiently hold a key in Pygame? +3.09
IPython threw an exception in reading file 0.00
Force Python to run in a single thread -0.32
Updating locals() that have a predefined value -2.24
Killing a subprocess started via sudo 0.00
What's a more pythonic way to do this? -2.02
Launching multiple servers with multiprocessing Process. Check whet... 0.00
Leapmotion listener registration fails 0.00
How to pass an array to a function template? +2.28
how to destroy an object completely? -2.82
What is the point of == true in conditionals? -0.37
How to suppress function output in python -1.37
Multithreading With Very Large Number of Threads +0.60
connect server-side computing with client-side visualization 0.00
Why does returning a floating-point value change its value? -2.22
Python <-> C++ object oriented communication +3.66
Intro to C++ Template Troubleshooting -1.65
Decompress an array in Python -2.10
Performance of pIter != cont.end() in for loop +3.96
how to start mongodb daemon in python 0.00
Python threads seem to freeze the machine 0.00
Python: Daemon vs. Infinity cycle 0.00
get shared library soname in a Python program +3.92
Efficent way to split a large text file in python +4.75
Improving performance of a function in python +0.54
Improving performance of a function in python +0.54
Use python subprocess module like a command line simulator +0.03
How to get the parameters' type and return type of a function? +0.98
Comparison of if(...) and ?:, which is better? -1.96
find memory limit programmatically in cgi python script? -4.10
python paramiko module socket.error, errno 10060 0.00
Python subprocess Exec format error 0.00
How to use global variable in python, in a threadsafe way -2.16
Python abstract classes - how to discourage instantiation? -2.72
Unable to extract information from Linux shell command using python -1.18
Python: using a List Comprehensions instead of loop in order to imp... -1.43
Thrift server is really slow for simple operation -4.38
Python: how to check whether optional function parameter is set -0.98
Multiprocessing or os.fork, os.exec? 0.00
Python Handling large number of Threads? +4.53