An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Frank V

1460.72 (4,401,371st)
15,934 (8,767th)
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Title Δ
making my pc as a sql server 0.00
How would I export resolved Promises 0.00
C Array Memory Error?(Beginner) +0.99
Unable to install an npm package +0.04
Reflection in Node.js -1.21
NodeJS - Can I detect when called from command line (ES6 + Babel)..? +2.02
Writing data into a CSV within a loop Python +1.99
Are there any differences between jasmine and expect? 0.00
In wordpress I am trying to modify the CSS of search button and cha... +0.55
Permission denied error message 0.00
Implementing FactoryPattern without using an Interface C# -0.44
when to use this.getInitialView = this.getInitialView.bind(this); -0.45
In selenium, does a windows needs to be expanded to max in order to... 0.00
WebPack 2.1 Intro tutorial not converting import -0.20
Blocking promises angular +0.58
Need a simple solutin to slow query -0.90
Object Oriented Design concerning inheritance in Python 0.00
get class element when using click function +0.04
Photon detecting if a player is already in that spawn position +0.15
Unable to implement Interfaces +0.97
Different results from same function with same arguments -1.56
use PictureBox from another class c# -1.15
Double Asterisk -0.43
How to execute a C# code in Unity 3D? +0.55
How to use TFS as bug tracking system to keep track of and categori... -1.82
How do I select only unique records (based on criteria) 0.00
Script to Pull Regex Values from Text File 0.00
How negative lookahead works +2.14
Reasons for using 64bit floats instead of 32 bit floats +0.07
Should I use a ConcurrentHashMap? +0.56
In SQL outer joins, what part of the query puts a table on the &quo... -1.90
Why is LEFT JOIN slower than INNER JOIN? +0.01
Java: Making singleton less verbose -0.59
Date between dates with time +0.55
Palindrome C program confusion +1.20
Changing a variable during a loop, Python +0.09
How do I use the return statement with strings? - Python -0.83
Is there a CSS selector for any field that the user types in? +0.22
Abstraction in OOPs -0.27
Checking a value for null C# 0.00
Regex Not Adhering to Value in Curly Braces -0.97
A better alternative to using a long series of "if/else if&quo... -0.83
Java - static method that depends on "state" +0.55
Is there any danger to including functional corrections in git merg... +0.43
what is a projection in LINQ, as in .Select() -0.75
How to log the user out at timeout event 0.00
Result in single row +0.08
No action happens when form button pressed -0.45
Force delete .jar file after closing it (creating Java uninstaller) +0.03
How to make the Tool not .NET module +0.09