An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1517.66 (36,078th)
5,565 (29,437th)
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Title Δ
Replacing a specific char in a string with a value +0.30
how to release the memory of a shared pointer? 0.00
Boost error in has_new_operator.hpp when debugging 0.00
Boost build show default toolset and version 0.00
Accessing vector with move_iterator -1.28
Boost jam, using absolute paths for dependencies 0.00
How to tell endianness from this output? +2.17
Why boost::format cannot be converted directly to std::string? +1.65
Boost Serialize backward compatibility issues 0.00
Waiting with timeout - Windows +1.66
Boost build how-to: native-built tools in a cross-compile environment -0.02
c++ conditional compilation based on member presence +1.35
Friend Function could not able to access private members -0.69
Using a macro for a function +2.84
How do i traverse boost::dynamic_bitset in reverse order? 0.00
Can compiler sometimes cache variable declared as volatile -1.54
Allow to access by derived class, but not allowed to override +2.78
C++ Best way to handle division by zero -0.67
c++ : Crash Saying "Pure virtual called" -1.01
Why doesn't return modify the value of a parameter to a function -0.92
REGEX: Match filename at beginning of string and parameter at end -0.01
c++ rvalue move semantics, questions about streaming -1.82
Expression not getting evaluated in shell script -1.55
Regex: Find a character anywhere in a document but only on lines th... -0.03
Regex to match an optional '+' symbol followed by any number of di... -0.35
boost::bind member function - partial application chaining 0.00
Win32 API command line arguments parsing -1.06
how to run a static function in a new thread? -0.74
Boost.Build and <link> feature for executables 0.00
Boost.Build conditional variable 0.00
C++ to convert Boost Regex match result to other format 0.00
Understanding bjam's targets, and how to specify new ones? 0.00
Boost's bjam is running tests before the build has finished 0.00
Boost.Build rebuild 0.00
bjam link against boost-system 0.00
VIM: delete all text in line before/after highlighted search pattern -3.84
Casting an object to a reference? +2.74
the pointer to a object in C++ -0.10
How do I force bjam in boost to build cleanly and consistently? 0.00
Why does C++0x's lambda require "mutable" keyword for cap... 0.00
Highlighting in VIM 6.3 -- need some adjustments +3.84
rule to get bjam's callstack or why am I registering 2 identic gene... 0.00
C++ download html file or get file contents 0.00
Reseting an ostream, C++ -0.30
Is this correct usage of C++ 'move' semantics? +0.09
Errors using decltype() and SFINAE +3.85
dynamic_cast from "void *" -2.78
How can I use grep to find a word inside a folder? +3.99
Template Issues - Having trouble passing function as args (invalid... +3.68
#including a header from the previous directory (../) +3.85