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Alex Ciminian

1532.72 (16,266th)
8,256 (19,020th)
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Title Δ
How can I fix dep ensure error 'cannot stat file' on Mac? 0.00
Google Cloud Functions: error deploying, doesn't exist 0.00
How is Array.sort performance affected by the initial ordering of t... 0.00
React: useQueries does not stringify nested query objects by defaul... 0.00
Threading in python - processing multiple large files concurrently -4.19
In Java, why is the class "Arrays" plural? +1.48
AspectJ load time weaving not working on Spring beans 0.00
One W3C validation errors I really want to correct -1.86
How to give a JavaScript module conditional AMD support? 0.00
Javascript object instance vs returned functions -2.17
Spring Unit Test and object re-injection -0.32
How to get current URL in python web page? 0.00
\xef\xbb\xbf comes in utf8 files java +3.48
Unable to run three.js example on apache tomcat 6 0.00
Parse error on compilation -0.51
Troubleshooting topojson installation 0.00
How should i use nested data in d3js 0.00
JDK Locale class handling of ISO language codes for Hebrew (he), Yi... 0.00
How to download a full website? 0.00
Is there an easy way to find out by which js code a DOM element is... +3.89
How to write a program that reverses a number a user inputs -1.39
Which HTTP status code to return when the DELETE operation is not a... +3.52
Formatting JSON date -2.52
dependency in javascript object -3.90
Resolve a circular static reference -2.40
jQuery object: to cache or not to cache? -0.65
Javascript data available event 0.00
display special characters in jsp page -0.67
What is the difference between a JavaScript framework and a library? +2.52
jQuery mobile redirects after page loads -0.65
Calculate Opacity Value on Size -2.57
How to detect pressed key on BlackBerry using JQuery Mobile? 0.00
jQuery list of data -0.60
Call a ajax function on the elselect drop down change 0.00
jQuery listener for autocomplete selection on text field 0.00
What is the difference between RegExp’s exec() function and String’... -3.47
how to detect if browser is firefox with php? -1.52
Finding custom objects in array with particular variable -2.46
Does any other language other than JavaScript have a difference bet... +3.10
Java, Which of these ways better for achiving faster response and m... +2.16
Best way of writing an expression in an if construct +2.13
Submit button taking 2 clicks on a php form +3.47
li on same line although display:block specified -1.85
Most efficient way to check a URL -1.09
Maven multi profile with deploy in WEB-INF/classes -2.20
Page Speed in appending external js and css files +3.57
How do I include a dependency's test jar into a Maven project's dep... +3.58
Working with nested maps from a JSON string 0.00
How can I use js eval to return a value? -3.53
Jquery/CSS - how to clear a CSS-background set in another file I ca... +3.58