An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1579.76 (3,024th)
48,476 (2,099th)
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Title Δ
Returning blank string when scraping sub elements inside </scrip... -2.53
Jupyter Notebook - Unable to get user input the second time - EOFEr... 0.00
Remove braces and word from column 0.00
Website's search function with Python requests 0.00
SameFileError because of overwriting location 0.00
How display multi videos with threading using tkinter in python? 0.00
Pi RGB controler with Python over the web using PHP and SSH. It is... 0.00
Is there a way to print a function inside of a tkinter window? -0.12
How to access an event handler function from another module? 0.00
Define Tkinter Widgets in Function but Reference it Elsewhere -1.04
Need help about sending variable from chrome extension to python 0.00
Tkinter displaying data from database to new window 0.00
Python - Find Xpath value then click button 0.00
Resizing and Redrawing Canvas in tkinter 0.00
Can't find proper class for webscraping on Etsy +0.39
I'm trying to put this value into a row into the table. How do... 0.00
Is there an equivalent of unzip in Windows that I can execute on a... 0.00
Python: I cannot get the right Merge Sort +0.34
Same python code block gives different outputs at different time -0.27
empty listbox return values with python 3.7 tkinter 0.00
Issue with web scraping Job search sites 0.00
Learning Python concurrency with partial 0.00
How to split CSV content by punctuation marks +0.39
Selenium data into discord using 0.00
how do i scroll the elements with the background in this situation? 0.00
Python, Tkinter: Can a list be modified within a button callback wi... -1.84
OpenCV python 3.7 handle cv2.VideoCapture(0) asynchronously 0.00
replicating data in same dataFrame -0.66
Flask: How to show data clearly from database 0.00
pynput code doesn't give me a simple string as a key 0.00
Tkinter and Python list 0.00
Issue with Python - KeyError 0.00
How to reverse a given number in python using just for loop -0.12
Find Value Using Selenium using a Variable that Contains String 0.00
Open only one Tk.Toplevel window -0.49
How to create randomly colored text in 0.00
Unable to get the network's broadcast address with Python's... 0.00
How to format date in single quoted string "yyyy-mm-dd" i... 0.00
Animation of millimeter wave using matplotlib +0.40
Trying to create a 9 x 9 sudoku grid in tkinter, but the padding (p... +1.82
Tkinter scrollbar slider does not move? -1.87
"pygame.error: ModPlug_Load failed" When trying to play s... 0.00
Flask - 405 Method not allowed with methods=['GET, POST'] 0.00
OpenCV module not repeating loop in Raspberry Pi 4. Working fine on... 0.00
How do I correctly implement a bubble sort algorithm in python tkin... 0.00
Call the method according to the specified option Key by Pyhon click 0.00
Calling function from a module in python 0.00
Getting Error: IndexError: tuple index out of range, on applying Co... 0.00
How to sort list of tuples based on variable in tuple 0.00
UnicodeDecodeError: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte 0... 0.00