An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1675.90 (273rd)
606,995 (38th)
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Title Δ
Underscore.js: create a map out of list of objects using a key foun... 0.00
What is this PHP syntax with a caret called and what does it do? +0.26
Fastest way to write an array of integers to a file in Java? +0.66
PHP: will an operation in the body of foreach be called more than o... 0.00
Does foreach() work for non-numerical array keys? -0.41
Maximum circle inside a non-convex polygon +0.28
Is a 128MB PHP memory limit a lot? +0.15
Why does this go into an infinite loop? -0.23
Making threads wait +0.46
Help understanding JQuery Attribute Equals Selector -1.42
Logical problem with list order +0.82
How to iterate through a String +0.62
Database design: where to place the total amount fields +0.71
How do I find closest element with jQuery +2.28
Lock acquistion on static members within a Java Class -0.60
How to use the toString method in Java? -1.09
How Does Google Analytics Track Incoming Traffic -0.40
PHP : Problem with Arrays -0.40
Why use partial classes? -0.48
Jquery - live('hover') and mousemove -0.68
Insert separators into a string in regular intervals -1.25
how can i extract an value using regex java? +0.26
PHP: how to 'cut' my array? -0.82
Elegant way of finding two consecutive values in sorted array that... +0.59
variable variables +0.27
Java Thread every X seconds +0.29
Probability of Outcomes Algorithm 0.00
What is the best way to parse this configuration file? +0.74
^([0-9])+$ RegEx supports numbers and spaces, but how to support em... +0.56
How i should design database ER-Diagram for this problem 0.00
Are static members of a generic class different for different types... +1.26
PHP REGEX: Get domain from URL +0.43
How to read the ul id? +0.25
Safe way to capture state of Application? 0.00
Parsing XML into Array -0.72
Issues when using multiple if statements in php +0.83
Changed the HREF of a link w/JQuery, new link won't work -0.21
Java: Insert newline after every 309th character +0.85
How to keep two sessions at a time for a single page? -0.23
SQL How do i query a many to many relationship 0.00
stop jquery live from hooking all the children 0.00
preg_match() and username -0.04
javascript/jquery - $(document).ready() and script locations +0.37
Array remove duplicate elements +0.69
Resuming a failed compression using Java -0.46
PHP: How to transport vars from php cmd (executing from shell) to P... +0.39
How to modify loop variable in ruby? +0.74
Adding multiple BigInteger values to an ArrayList +1.11
Question foreach on arrays returned by functions 0.00
Which version of Make to use for Java? +0.99