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1560.97 (5,220th)
5,357 (30,715th)
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Title Δ
Closing prepared statements 0.00
Table structure for featured post / featured article etc 0.00
Why mysqli_stmt::prepare cannot be catched when return false? 0.00
First row of mysql data fetched through PHP is not displayed in the... 0.00
PHP 7.4 typeError on database operations 0.00
What is the best way to SELECT from and TRUNCATE an InnoDB table in... -0.67
How to convert PDO's execute($variable) to MySQLi statements 0.00
PHP 7.4 deprecated get_magic_quotes_gpc function alternative 0.00
mysqli_multi_query and visiable of result on website 0.00
How Can You Use Both SQL COUNT And mysqli_stmt_num_rows At The Same... 0.00
Severity: Warning Message: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1049): Un... 0.00
Is mysqli_stat() database or server specific? +0.38
Date Formatting in PHP - Can't Find a Solution 0.00
connection failed between two linked containers : apache2/php &... 0.00
Is an array just one variable with many data? +1.44
Saving server credentials on repo on GitHub : Recommendations 0.00
Can you interpolate a variable into a string by reference? 0.00
Using persistent connections in MySQL but still many open connections -1.42
How to add more things to search 0.00
How to pass SQL string via function parameter 0.00
updating the MySQL database with time by using mysqli_multi_query (... -0.79
PHP how to generate a unique name for a button create on while loop... 0.00
How to count online users? +0.40
Two window.location not working togeather -0.09
What does ??= operator do in PHP with set values 0.00
Mysqli Wild Card Insert with data range -0.55
How can I get an unknown username given an ID? -0.88
How would I be able to determine if a string contains only one digit? -2.55
mysqli_free_result () VS mysqli_stmt_free_result() differences and... +2.57
How to connect properly to MySQL database? 0.00
How to keep the current year and add new year? -1.18
alternative to die() if we have multiple php scripts (<?php ...... +0.41
How to display results from mysqli prepared statement? -1.08
PHP more elegant way to make random 1 or 0 binary pattern +0.13
How to combine three arrays and insert multiple rows 0.00
PHP update query in MySQL not updating but SELECT and INSERT works +1.77
How to trigger code before/after a foreach loop, only if this one w... -0.20
Display some html if mysqli_fetch_assoc is empty while loop php -0.34
Carbon 2 Date parsing returns different results -0.04
Can the PHP sleep function be used to mitigate bot traffic? 0.00
why does only first mysqli_fetch() result gets stored in array +0.40
Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on array +0.22
Multi Query for inserting then deleting data +0.40
Get username using select prepared statement +0.39
How to connect to a database with semicolon in the name? 0.00
Saving div innerText directly to database 0.00
How verify mysql database connection from another file php -0.63
I need to convert all the PDO in my function to MYSQLI but can'... +1.93
Dynamic value in sql query using php -2.43
I sent a list of string to server with volley. How I can read this... 0.00