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1512.67 (52,500th)
920 (164,333rd)
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Title Δ
What's the element in position n of a list 0.00
Lisp - Keep words finishing by given letter 0.00
Is it possible to get FORMAT to ignore undefined format directives? +3.97
Colon in a custom function name causing error -1.33
How is the recursion and control sturctures in this LISP code diffe... 0.00
Best way to implement rook moves and possible moves in Lisp 0.00
How can I iterate a function with a parameter there the parameter i... 0.00
How to invoke a function within a for loop in Lisp? -1.64
Common Lisp - Function which return an element appears n times in a... +3.91
How to run a lisp program on Mac from terminal? +4.02
How do I fix the "X is not a number" in my macro in Lisp 0.00
Lisp Loop Largest Number +0.21
Common Lisp function to determine lengths of nested lists in a list +3.89
How to combine nodes in a subtree with one child? -4.02
How to remove a list of length 1 from a nested list in lisp? +3.58
Question with Common Lisp with replace the list 0.00
Palindrome check with recursion in Lisp -0.30
How to access a Lisp symbol function cell +1.19
why does this do times lisp loop giving me issues? 0.00
Lisp: How to prompt-read a float? -0.00
Beginner LISP: At what stage in a Do Loop can I implement an IF con... 0.00
Use do, if, and funcall to define (satisfy fun lst) which returns a... +2.39
Defining a "minimum" function to return the minimum of a... -1.88
Common Lisp - Pattern Matching 0.00
Split String by Delimiter and Include Delimiter - Common Lisp -0.49
Understanding Peter Norvig's permutation solution in PAIP -2.69
focusNode returns undefined when selecting the whole element -0.05
Updating to ASDF 3.x in CLISP -3.56
How to compare symbols alphabetically in Common Lisp? -2.76
Lisp recursion not working fine 0.00
List operations in cLISP 0.00
clisp positive number founder -2.03
How to find the length of a multilevel list? +2.76
View or Extract the text definitions entered into the top level REP... +4.16
Procedure to check whether an integer is greater than, less than or... 0.00
Displaying a List of Strings Instead of a Displaying One String 0.00
Calculating Grade Point Average and Class Average in Lisp +3.16
Find Prime Factor Too Slow or Crashes +4.61
ANDing a boolean and a list -1.74
Number of digits in a number with lisp using cond 0.00
how can I store a string without "" in common lisp? -1.55
How to create dotted pair with nil +2.74
check if list of integers is ascending +1.20
Top-down tree search & replace +4.31
Lisp - Print out () instead of nil for empty list +2.48
Printing a list in outline form 0.00
Common Lisp Create matrix from the list 0.00
Code in a function not being executed 0.00
What is wrong with my lisp function? 0.00
LISP function affecting other function +1.25