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Matthew Frederick

1528.66 (19,015th)
20,276 (6,676th)
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Title Δ
UITableViewCell, set dynamic height w/ multiple labels -0.03
array size different in simulator then on iphone -0.91
Xcode addSubview with unique name -0.03
Sharing information between apps 0.00
iOS Simulator does not run 0.00
Call the official *Settings* app from my app on iPhone(Location Ser... +0.46
How can I implement an iOS calendar picker similar to Hipmunk's? 0.00
Preservation of SQLite data with iOS app update 0.00
App Crashes when trying to update a UIImageView after modifying the... -0.38
data between rows of code didn't executed +0.14
Xcode 4.3 stopped building XIB files -0.06
Uninstall (delete) iOS app from source code? 0.00
Why don't need deallocation some objects? 0.00
Xcode will run app on simulator but not on device +0.46
NSMutableArray insertObject don't work -1.11
Preventing Screenshot/clearing cached data when iOS app gets backgr... 0.00
Conditionally start at different places in storyboard from AppDeleg... 0.00
iOS app publishing - publishing under different author name -2.00
Why is the system beeping when I use AppleScript to set text in BBE... 0.00
Possible to launch Apple's default weather app from my application? +0.21
Allocating objects inside a loop +1.04
Incorrect decrement of the reference count +0.45
Linking to my apps on the App Store +0.99
Where is the libOAuth.a source? +0.01
iOS threading "Modifying layer that is being finalized" -1.88
Is there a way to run a script on iOS? -1.43
Ipad Checkboxes +0.42
Moving files within Xcode -0.30
Automatic tap the button of iPhone simulator app 0.00
What UI Framework is Instagram using? 0.00
Any problem if we use the word 'iPhone' in our App Name? +0.43
iOS UI overlay library? -1.26
Connecting the LITE Version to the FULL Version on App Store +0.43
Seeking a Cocoa Touch elements framework 0.00
How can I ship my app with an pre-populated Core Data database? +0.95
Table view cells lose their data when leaving view using navigation... 0.00
Facebook demo app fails to build on iOS 0.00
What happened to the "Show In Documentation" option when... 0.00
What are possible 3rd Party Payment Systems to integrate in iPhone... +1.08
How do I distinguish iPad 1 from iPad 2 in Cocoa? -0.06
Core Data and textfiles in iOS applications +1.80
How to convert NSIndexPath to NSString-iOS -2.13
Is it possible to prevent Xcode from listing build errors in a sepa... -0.66
Calling same ViewController Again and Again 0.00
App crashing with this error message - I cannot find anything about... +0.19
Trademarked Brand Name in App Store Description +1.67
Why does test iAd for barebones project not display? -0.56
Landscape UISplitViewController when using a UINavigationController... -0.40
How do I show Invisibles in GDB output window in Xcode 4? -2.03
is it possible to set the UILabel distance between the Letters? -2.34