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Prahalad Gaggar

1516.36 (40,547th)
9,305 (16,566th)
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Title Δ
Get all employee with 1 year or more than experience +0.89
How to use NOT IN in an SQL subquery? -1.81
Get ID of grouped records in TSQL +0.46
Calculating Time difference when In and Out time is in same column 0.00
Problem Using Two Count()'s On Same Column 0.00
Grouping shortened string and unshortened string from a case expres... -0.02
Need to fetch data based on some condition -1.81
SQL Query Left Join - Second Table Column Joined Conditionally -0.03
How to calculate debit and credit balance in SQL Server? 0.00
SSMS will not let me create a PK FK relationship -0.03
How to query the index for each record based on timestamp +0.47
SQL Server 2008 result pivot +0.47
postgresql combine 2 unrelated tables -2.03
How to perform such queries? 0.00
How to replace characters in SQL? -0.75
SQL - Logging updated and inserted records +0.47
SQL Columns to rows transpose 0.00
SQL Server : error creating two foreign keys on one table -0.03
Repeated pattern in case conditions without hard coding (Netezza SQL) -0.99
Can I Merge or Join these tables? -0.77
How to find and remove alphabet letters in in a column on MS sql se... -0.79
Sql Server how to insert date into column with date datatype -1.37
How to execute "select bool expression" in SQL Server, li... -0.03
SQL DATA BASE Issue 0.00
Right join returning results not in the where set 0.00
Create a query that generates an insert statement in SQL Server 2016 +0.45
sql: How to avoid same id in table row +1.02
sql adding two columns of decimal data type +0.23
How to feed recent file in a folder to a Flat File Source in Integr... 0.00
Two foreign key referencing to same primary key being used as a com... 0.00
tSQLt will not apply misnamed constraints (PK_dbo ....) to fake table -0.53
Methods on how to extract distinct last touch values on day to day... 0.00
How to convert datetime to int in sql server2012? -0.83
I am having hard time writing a HiveQL Join -1.78
Converting a 5 digit int into time -1.02
query using the where clause if variables are not null 0.00
SQL query to compare the amount -0.14
display like result in sql server 2008 +1.36
How to select from table only rows that a value from field 1 are pa... -2.01
How to search ID of object nvarchar value on SQL Server +1.36
building sql reports 0.00
Query multiple tables using one join +0.27
How can use case when in between join in Sql -1.18
SQL Not Exists include null value +0.28
Oracle Sql Extract ID based on grouping 0.00
How to retrieve only left table values no matching records from rig... +0.35
How to select start from partial text ,end with value range SQL -1.39
How to perform the following function using SQL query in c# and SQL... +0.47
MySQL join two completely identical tables with WHERE -2.34
retrive sql query -0.03