An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1699.28 (132nd)
61,638 (1,409th)
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Title Δ
How to write negative lookahead in POSIX regex 0.00
variable not available after for-loop inside Promise.then() 0.00
valgrind: –-tool=memcheck: command not found 0.00
In Ocaml, when comparing strings (which contain numbers), how are t... 0.00
`Array[i]` vs `Array+i` +1.45
Problem decoding json from input args with Aeson 0.00
Why can't I match the string? +0.23
how to make any variable entered lowered case 0.00
Sed escaping special chars 0.00
Error in `./a.out': free(): invalid next size (normal) while fr... 0.00
What is the special macro of buffer size in standard C library? 0.00
Making a monad succeed with failure in haskell 0.00
How to use a function argument of a function in the function implem... +0.23
Perl Regex Negative Lookbehind Incorrect Match (SAS) 0.00
How can I use a case statement in a make shell command? +1.29
Where with lambda in haskell 0.00
Add bar between directories with sed/awk +0.98
PostgreSQL - Converting a string with quotes to different string us... 0.00
Treating "$" as function application 0.00
Junk characters shows up while opening a txt file 0.00
how to take input till "only" newline character or a spac... +0.38
File handle failed to read second time +1.01
How to pattern match on Proxy? +1.00
Dynamically wrapping substrings in quotes 0.00
Dir is removed via command in cmd but not with same command in bat... 0.00
How to exit child process correctly? -1.53
make check produces ERROR (GLib-ERROR **: 17:50:29.132) when instal... 0.00
static local variable address in C +0.65
Postgres - convert date from one format to another 0.00
Haskell to Javascript Lamba function translation +1.12
What is lookbehind support in JS? How to replace it? +1.73
Why does a program created by a Brainfuck into assembly compiler cr... +0.26
sed replace whitespace with underscore between 2 strings +0.50
keep getting a parse error on input "::" in Haskell? 0.00
How to decrypt a password generated in crypt()? -0.15
What is the formula used to produce a ftok() key? +0.25
double backslash and single backslash result in same string on the... +0.25
Reference reassignment in C++ Primer 0.00
Why is array initialization with ternary operator illegal? -0.82
Regex match text followed by white space or nothing at all 0.00
How can I match this using RegEx? 0.00
Atomic writes to a file descriptor 0.00
Dynamic Allocation of Structure variable +0.25
Using regex to match numbers which have 5 increasing consecutive di... +2.21
Importing a module in haskell makes the code not compile 0.00
Alias definition in .perldb (Perl Debugger) for expression evaluati... 0.00
What is the sed expression for replacing all occurences of ":{... 0.00
getline not executing for the next iterations -0.89
bash - test if files and folders exists in a for statement +0.10
Find a pattern, but not within a C++ comment +1.13