An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1720.18 (80th)
68,073 (1,281st)
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Title Δ
how to print Lines Between Two Patterns in file using SED or AWK? 0.00
warning: missing braces around initializer [-Wmissing-braces] (IN M... 0.00
Rename file/directory name in linux 0.00
Using the comma operator when defining a macro 0.00
put first array index at the end of array +1.12
Perl Can't locate object method 0.00
javascript sort function Two fields (conditional) 0.00
How can I sort files by their subject number (prefix of the filenam... 0.00
memory allocation in c when casting returned value to pointer 0.00
Final size of a structure variable of data structure "stack&qu... +1.71
How to covert a hexadecimal number into a String in C? 0.00
Make gcc warn about "jump to label crosses initialization of v... 0.00
pragma GCC poison syntax for member function 0.00
Reversing a "boolean" in C +1.18
Concatenating text and command output in Bash script to output to f... 0.00
print the address of a /etc/hosts entry in a script +0.19
Why do function pointers require a return type? +1.21
Haskell type class instance syntax -2.77
Bash echo 3 variable (2 translate, 1 as text) problem 0.00
Is (0*1*)* equal to (0 | 1)*? -0.79
I am trying get three parameters of x, y, and z from this script bu... 0.00
Why [x, y, _] isn't allowed in pattern matching +0.34
Regex match text in square brackets separately 0.00
flex and bison calculator abs value 0.00
function in c++ why my compiler didn't recognize the error() 0.00
What does the statement, f2=${f%????} , mean? 0.00
Why can I call a function from a typeclass instance directly in the... -1.35
Weird Behavior of large float in printf() and assigned to an int +0.56
awk: How to add a constant to a number every Nth line out of M line... +0.21
Declaring functions as variables in c +0.97
String length not the same as array length? +1.13
Is freeing an allocated pointer with a null value necessary? +0.89
Syntax error at or near "(" while calling function -2.42
Perl: Verifying user input 0.00
How to automate the LSF waiting based on job name in perl 0.00
Verifying user input in perl 0.00
What does the command git checkout "." do? 0.00
haskell tutorial guards example gives a parse error 0.00
How do I extract object elements to populate in an array as single... 0.00
How to fix gibberish printed after use strtok +0.23
C++ pointer arithmetic "lvalue required as left operand of ass... +0.89
How can I resolve a "no such file or directory" in perl? 0.00
Turning Filepath Strings into Markdown Links 0.00
Is there any special meaning of #define VAR {0}? +0.78
Unable to locate a file using find utility 0.00
What's wrong with the types for my Parser class? 0.00
What is the difference between IIFE and function expresstion? +0.23
How to use shell script code in a Perl script 0.00
JS split string and return index of each split +0.55
how to set env variables which are in csh script from the perl scri... +0.95