An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1722.49 (77th)
68,073 (1,283rd)
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Title Δ
Why doesn't valgrind detect this possible memory leak due to re... 0.00
Why does odd.fst not work with the filter function? +0.21
Rewriting old program using deprecated $* 0.00
Is the "NUL" character ("\0") byte separated or... +0.22
what does {1} mean in |master {1} ✓| with bashit? 0.00
Setting g++ compiler flags for debugging 0.00
Perl - If condition on regex captured groups +1.51
Finding the index of an element in a list -0.53
How to pass a pointer to vector of pointers? -0.61
loop through global substitution and execute code in loop +0.47
Bit manipulation for identity property -0.30
Using grep and regex to extract words from a file that contain only... +0.17
What is a semicolon in a makefile prerequisites list? +0.82
Break RegEx matching mid-pattern 0.00
Replace string from a sentence +0.22
Convert array to a string with newlines embeded in string -1.29
Regex To match lines and save as first line -0.64
Why can't I use the extern keyword for initializing an extern v... 0.00
Perl windows check existence of a directory +0.22
What does this line of perl mean/do? +0.89
how to print Lines Between Two Patterns in file using SED or AWK? +0.04
warning: missing braces around initializer [-Wmissing-braces] (IN M... 0.00
Rename file/directory name in linux 0.00
Using the comma operator when defining a macro +0.91
put first array index at the end of array +1.12
Perl Can't locate object method 0.00
javascript sort function Two fields (conditional) 0.00
How can I sort files by their subject number (prefix of the filenam... 0.00
memory allocation in c when casting returned value to pointer 0.00
Final size of a structure variable of data structure "stack&qu... +1.71
How to covert a hexadecimal number into a String in C? 0.00
Make gcc warn about "jump to label crosses initialization of v... 0.00
pragma GCC poison syntax for member function 0.00
Reversing a "boolean" in C +1.18
Concatenating text and command output in Bash script to output to f... 0.00
print the address of a /etc/hosts entry in a script +0.19
Why do function pointers require a return type? +1.21
Haskell type class instance syntax -2.77
Bash echo 3 variable (2 translate, 1 as text) problem 0.00
Is (0*1*)* equal to (0 | 1)*? -0.78
I am trying get three parameters of x, y, and z from this script bu... 0.00
Why [x, y, _] isn't allowed in pattern matching +0.34
Regex match text in square brackets separately 0.00
flex and bison calculator abs value 0.00
function in c++ why my compiler didn't recognize the error() 0.00
What does the statement, f2=${f%????} , mean? 0.00
Why can I call a function from a typeclass instance directly in the... -1.34
Weird Behavior of large float in printf() and assigned to an int +0.56
awk: How to add a constant to a number every Nth line out of M line... +0.21
Declaring functions as variables in c +0.97