An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1543.53 (9,961st)
68,139 (1,282nd)
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Title Δ
Add a duration to a repeating event's start time so that it'... -2.20
How to copy files into flat directory in Gradle -0.01
How to unscramble a list of words using a HashMap? +1.79
What are the consequences if character sets for Triggers and Views... +0.19
How to make a multiple recipient textbox like iMessage? 0.00
How do I check if a zero is positive or negative? -0.43
How to know which checkbox has been ticked per row? -0.88
TortoiseSVN equivalent to "svn info" 0.00
0.1 float is greater than 0.1 double. I expected it to be false -0.31
cftextarea richtext editor not working in IE10 0.00
PHP echo variable and html together -0.66
CFScript query performance is very bad 0.00
regex for money values in JavaScript +0.41
Get timestamp difference using ANT 0.00
How to write this regular expression? -2.23
Console is undefined error in IE9 +0.44
JS turning a function into an object without using "return&quo... -0.57
Stop .hover animation when the mouse leaves in JQuery 0.00
Is <!--// //--> needed in javascript anymore? What was it use... +0.16
I'd like to understand the jQuery plugin syntax 0.00
Input Onkeyup can be avoided by form autocomplete 0.00
What is the main difference between the following statements? -1.75
How do I add confirm function to links in jQuery so that the dialog... +0.41
jQuery conditional selector for table rows -0.11
Can I edit AutoNumber Column in Access? 0.00
validation of special characters -0.26
How do i recreate a trigger in SQL Server? 0.00
Regex to match anything (including the empty string) except a speci... -0.26
ob_start() and ob_flush() doesn't work -1.09
How can I see a variable defined in another php-file? +0.68
IE showing "decimal" instead of "comma" +1.67
PHP foreach loop through multidimensional array -0.33
Computational geometry: find where the triangle is after rotation,... -0.79
How do Java public/private and static modifiers affect multiple var... +0.41
Find who's calling the method 0.00
Transfering a Set with a Wildcarded Generic to a List in Java -0.02
How to avoid Eclipse warnings when using legacy code without generi... +1.65
Finding the most common values from given data -0.29
UNIX-style RegExp Replace running extremely slowly under windows. H... 0.00
Does a program exist for checking two similar directories for file... -0.41
PHP extract GPS EXIF data +0.61
Is there any good JAVA lib for playing with WSDL's and WS-* bindings? -0.33
Is there any for good Java lib for playing with Sockets connections? -0.33
MySQL Ratings From Two Tables -0.75
Why is $ undefined when I try to use jQuery in GreaseMonkey? +0.43
How can I highlight consecutive duplicate words with a Perl regular... +0.37
How do I rewrite binary data in Java 0.00
Generating all IP addresses in the IPv4 Range +1.14
Changing parent window's URL from IFrame +1.75
HtmlSpecialChars equivalent in Javascript? 0.00