An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1524.98 (23,292nd)
5,963 (27,277th)
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Title Δ
Changing the color of a button in SwiftUI based on disabled or not -1.22
Deteting item in an array stored in UserDefaults -1.91
Google ads are not showing in a particular app -0.04
In C language is *p=vec[n] the same as p=&vec[n]? +2.61
For what purpose non-virtual method will be used with C++? -0.92
Module compiled with Swift 4.1.2 cannot be imported by the Swift 4.... +0.47
extern keyword in C rules -1.12
objective-c equivalent to java anonymouse interface implementation -0.03
Obj-C - NSNotification executing twice? -0.15
C Code to count how many letters in a word +2.10
Swift Use array in Json -0.15
Creat a memory leak with Objective-C and Swift +1.63
Swift : Data passed through unwind segue is erased before being read -0.42
iOS9 : App Transport Security inside .plist Framework +0.18
&& and || in while loops -2.22
How to calculate percentage using % as a postfix unary operator in... +1.06
Build an XCode project on Windows -0.04
Rebrending iOS app and releasing it to apple store? +0.53
iPhone - Thread 1 EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION Error with nothing printed in... -0.54
Should I use dequeReusableCellWithIdentifier? +0.54
Xcode is not letting the view to stay horizontally centered -0.04
Functional type annotation in swift +0.45
CoreData Concurrency issue +0.47
When to use performblock for coredata operations? 0.00
iOS Autolayout same width constraint +1.13
swift: How to set class to view controller without storyboard? 0.00
How to convert this method which returns a dictionary from Swift to... 0.00
NSPrivateQueueConcurrencyType without Perform Block 0.00
obejective c - Portential leak of an object stored into -0.53
performSegueWithIdentifier from a NSView subclass? -2.18
Why can an Optional be initialized with a literal? 0.00
Does adding a new independent entity in Core Data require model ver... -0.25
What does minimum value of a property of xcdatamodel in iOS means? -0.06
Bitand function in C +1.22
Storyboards and UITabBarControllers 0.00
Weird Xcode autocomplete 0.00
Is it okay to ignore conflicting constraints in Xcode? 0.00
Updating only the first object in NSManagedObject +0.11
Swift - defining default access level 0.00
IOS - Is it posible to calculate TextView height before it's dr... 0.00
How to find out which function is cased hang on main thread 0.00
Swift struct type recursion +2.05
Ambiguous call to class member's reference 0.00
Modify constraint programmatically Swift -0.03
How to output a string in a marquee fashion? +0.93
Swift - Set vs Array 0.00
Should I define constants for repeating literals in the code? +1.44
Sourcetree - upgraded to latest version, git-flow missing -0.62
What does "void f(int (*)[7]) {}" mean? +0.47
if #available(iOS 9, *) Not Working -0.52