An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1454.49 (4,531,270th)
7,059 (22,736th)
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Title Δ
datepicker() unresolved function or method 0.00
How do you run a NodeJS Express API with typescript files with Fore... -0.44
How to add a value in array of JSON objects on javascript? +1.34
mach beginning javascript with Array +0.09
Angular8 - can't iterate over object -0.11
ngIf does not show md-select on ngModel change +2.49
How to customize height of header field in Grid? +0.59
Using NodeJS to run an Angular 2 app while having live repackaging +0.07
Angular Material 2, how to theme Select Dropdown 0.00
Check if each div has an element with a specific class inside it -0.71
Format string template with variables in Javascript +0.27
Unique messages for users based on username in nodejs -0.37
How do I supplant jQuery's toggleClass method with pure JavaScr... -0.31
How could i target a div and it's child to handle a click? +0.30
Angular - Form wont submit -0.43
ctx.filltext not showing anything? 0.00
Jquery.Change not working -0.46
realtime checking sessionStorage +0.54
Javascript comparison of audio current time results in endless whil... -0.43
How to fire an event when a drop down menu is closed using jQuery? +0.57
jquery : constructed data is undefined 0.00
form.length always returns me 1 -0.07
JQuery iterate over array of dictionaries -0.70
How can I retrieve the values of a variable in jQuery? -0.43
Remove page from history, so "back" will work properly -0.46
Very simple jQuery function is not working -1.01
Pass hash as parameter to function 0.00
JavaScript calculator NaN +0.09
Changing color from all the links -0.76
Prototype/jQuery conflict on getElementsByClassName in IE8 0.00
Google Maps Places API 0.00
How to dynamically alter the onclick values +0.03
How can I set the default radio button using jquery +2.81
Whats wrong with my code in footer.php 0.00
jQuery selecting a character inside a string +0.51
Change size property of an image using a text link 0.00
jQuery ScrollTop After Delay 0.00
Apply html canvas to a div 0.00
Autocomplete select error while select the value 0.00
database record fetch issue in codeigniter +0.56
Disadvantages of Array.protoype.every over Array.prototype.forEach? -0.58
$_POST only receives default value from select control -1.47
Building page with PHP +1.00
Javascript form validation for date not working +0.07
Controlling <input> box sizes in a Bootstrap inline form +0.06
On click, show() content below selected element's row? +0.31
Passing variables from PHP to AJAX success function -0.29
passing an array of addresses into the Geocode.geocoder() Google Maps 0.00
Using a variable as part of an object? -0.42
How can I only apply my check if the jQuery UI slider has moved? 0.00