An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1402.76 (4,536,157th)
2,760 (61,167th)
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Title Δ
Xilinx eprom flashing fails with various errors 0.00
Why is it mandatory to use namespace std in new IDEs whereas the pr... -1.15
Retrieving disk read/write max speed (programmatically) 0.00
Multi threading with third party library in C++ 0.00
How design pattern is this? -0.71
makefile: how to specify header files 0.00
Pins that I used in LCD are not working as OUTPUT for LED 0.00
Convert arbitrary output to json by column in the terminal? -0.43
What should my Python program include in order to use compiled Haxe... 0.00
C++ declare derived class object inside of if-else and use it outside +0.30
Why make keeps recompiling all the objects? -1.47
Store signed char inside unsigned int -0.89
RaspberryPi disable all access except via SSH +0.39
html form submit calls a php but does not redirect -0.68
What is an efficient way to map a file to array of structures? +0.61
Is it true that attempting to open a url in a new window will only... -0.12
How do I identify x86 vs. x86_64 at compile time in gcc? -1.61
Jquery stop event from triggering -1.11
File Life access program in C using Linux platform +2.30
I have the same error message when i put any error in the file -0.69
Execution not switching between thread (c++11) +1.58
$(document).height() randomizes value on refresh (Safari 5.1.10) -0.66
Index running over wrong interval -0.77
How can i make jQuery(javascript) ajax form data sent less human re... -0.40
Check which table has the result in MySQL query, using PHP? +0.12
Merge array into established array at random indexes in PHP +0.69
JQuery Mobile 1.4 - widgets appears OK on Page, but without skin on... 0.00
How to debug `RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded` error i... -0.37
Slow javascript execution in Iframe only in IE +0.54
Thread cleanup during various cases -0.78
How to define a new number system in C++ -1.69
Image not loading, but not firing onerror or onabort 0.00
What is the most simple and visually good way to imitate html eleme... 0.00
Identify table data inside table present inside a class +0.09
Displaying Images In Rows +0.14
PHP array get next key/value in foreach() -0.74
Alternatives to long if statement -0.09
Internet explorer 11 adding random styles to elements, etc -0.37
PHP convert specific character 0.00
Javascript setInterval works but not infinite loop +1.22
Execute dir command to search for chrome.exe in C:\ -0.44
Atmel Studio 6 no new and delete operators for C++ -0.35
File Check sum are not same after copy in C 0.00
Functions: pass pointer to $con -1.33
C++ move bytewise through memory -0.46
Browser does not display PNG image -0.15
How to convert from an array to an associative container? -0.75
php - Declare a global variable once within a class as aposed to wi... +0.35
make conditions with logical operators into variable +0.68
Why not GOTO Statement? -0.37