An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1483.81 (4,478,846th)
52,113 (1,899th)
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Title Δ
How to change a variable from a called method +1.67
Can I put star (★) in my email subject? +0.52
Disabling MySQL Strict Mode -0.46
MySQL "NOT IN" not working -1.67
SerialPort.BytesToRead always evaluated to 0 even though it isn't -0.48
I need a regular expression to get the country code of an URL -1.09
Mysql between two datetime columns 0.00
Check if value exists in dataTable? -1.30
DateTime.Parse DD/MM/YYYY 24 Hour Clock -1.21
A way to sit 2 Divs next to each other when 1st Div width is unknown? +1.49
self join plus another join -0.25
How to store different commodities(such as computers and shoes..) i... +1.78
SQL multiple select query with different field names? -0.53
System.Net.Http: missing from namespace? (using .net 4.5) -1.96
Calculating Number of Columns that have no Null value +1.79
GroupBy Query mysql +0.52
T-SQL Insert into table without having to specify every column -0.60
MySQL select all users who have not logged in for 30 days +2.34
SQL query for total 0.00
StreamWriter Sometimes Clears My File +0.52
How to add a background color to HTML option? +0.51
Sample XML databases? -1.36
Can and will C# write objects to the pagefile? +0.15
How I can insert a <br> tag every 115 characters +0.52
Infinite loops in Java +0.79
How do I open a new window on start up using C++? 0.00
Is there a way to do a PUT with WebClient? -1.37
MySQL: Decimal(5,0) vs INT(11) for integers from 0 to 99999 - perfo... +0.26
How to put numbering or bullets? +0.52
What's the fastest way to read a text file line-by-line? -0.30
How to post two values in an option field? -0.38
Top 3 countries +1.41
How secure is the "if" statement? +1.33
Simple compare if an enum is in a list of enums +0.40
setting size of image in php -1.25
mySQL returns all rows when field=0 +1.24
How to create a function "ExecuteSql" without consume too... +2.27
Sql query for search program in -1.74
viewing mysql blob with putty +0.53
MySQL query that matches two fields and has another field in common -0.80
sql MATCH AGAINST BOOLEAN MODE returning 0 results +0.00
How many page can i crawl in one hour using multithread in c# progr... +0.17
Why is it not adding to my database? 0.00
Generic way of making CSS work on IE only without separate CSS sheet -0.99
PHP Forms data to MYSQL Database NOT NULL rule +0.04
VB.Net program that stores data to a webserver 0.00
Proper way of referencing multiple items in mysql? +0.07
How to get all the contents inside an HTML tag? -1.84
MySQL Join Returns too many Rows +0.00
Getting records from MySQL based on a time window 0.00