An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1509.18 (74,069th)
2,035 (82,123rd)
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Title Δ
How to update a value +3.89
How to show a unique image for each checkbox item? 0.00
Linq query is not working using another query inside +4.22
methods outside of constructor in c# +3.95
WPF: Multiple UI's triggering one command +0.04
ListView won't show up while in TabItem 0.00
how to Pass data from dropdownlist to database +1.75
What is the advantage of using ObjectSet -4.48
Using functions in c# +3.73
SQL queries are harming the speed of my website - 11 seconds load 0.00
wpf project exclusively using pages, button_clicks, & Navigatio... 0.00
Web Api returning NullReferenceException using repository +4.09
How to implement one to many relationship -1.40
C# How do i change a label text from another form -2.50
DataGridView is not updating after second row 0.00
How to use Task.WaitAll to wait both tasks -3.29
Try-Catch exception handling in constructor method -3.61
Best approach for view model creation to handle single entity and l... 0.00
Dynamic linq OrderBy isn't working for me +3.56
Update multiple entities in MVC4 with LINQ, SQLquery -2.53
How to launch form2 from form1 in C#? 0.00
C# Create a list of objects from an 2 IEnumerable instances contain... -4.39
How to use environment variables in Path.Combine()? 0.00
How to Update filename based highest value of files names from othe... -0.15
Show files that are in a databse on page 0.00
Select columns using LINQ but without a ModelView 0.00
How to get a ContentControl Width in the ViewModel? 0.00
Issues Understanding & Implementing MVVM 0.00
wpf default style and style base +0.48
Entity framework attach: object with same key exists +0.10
Edit List of ViewModels in 1 View 0.00
Update a Generic List -0.41
Detach Entity Collection -0.09
Rewrite one-line if - "?:" as "??" - to avoid S... -1.56
issue updating an Api value in c# 0.00
Parameter Enums in C# +0.01
Pulling single elements for headers from a List Model 0.00
How to access a variable from another class -0.09
Observable / notifying derived / computed property of EF entity class 0.00
Move from a controller to different views +3.72
MVVM: how to create a ViewModel from Model object 0.00
Recovering after exception when using a single dbcontext 0.00
Binding ContentControl Content for dynamic content 0.00
GUI Window Size C# WPF +3.90
Computed Setter Value based on existing value - WPF -4.12
Trigger Event on WPF Window from another WPF window +0.33
MVVMLight toolkit RaisePropertyChanged doesn't seem to update UI wh... 0.00
Listbox WPF item background color -0.33
add and retrive data from datagrid, WPF +0.01
Handling Navigation in MVVM WPF application -1.14