An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1524.03 (25,155th)
2,657 (63,589th)
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Title Δ
Marshal a variable from C# to void* in native C++ and change the va... 0.00
Get the bit which is most at the left with dichotomy 0.00
How to get the location of a section in C code 0.00
Dynamically allocating an array in a function in C +1.13
Most efficient algorithm for finding all thecombinations 0.00
Allow program priveledges to change PC Name from any account on sta... 0.00
How to delete file of the current user in C/C++? +1.55
AVR programming, interrupt handling 0.00
Call a function periodically within a thread in C +3.50
How can I output #define value -0.44
recv() for larger amount of data not working 0.00
locking and unlocking in a multithreaded application +3.60
Creating struct with array of pointer to function -3.05
What's the difference between a pointer, and a pointer variable? -0.37
Does a destructor automatically deallocates heap memory for member... +0.35
How to set minimum and maxiumum window size 0.00
CPU usage measurment on arm bare metal system +0.03
Retrieve value from linked list struct give wrong value -2.15
how to make a c console program exit with exit function? +0.83
Why this stack smashing? -0.39
Can't separate header and source files in JNI 0.00
Signalled and non-signalled state of event -3.01
Are segmentation faults thrown before or after memory is modified? -0.32
Ada: Use type before full declaration -4.21
Do Google's Protocol Buffers automatically align data efficiently? 0.00
Unresolved external symbol error in jni call 0.00
In linked list, nodes appear to be overwritten by data in last node -4.32
C: create a struct, return a TYPE +4.29
Building ImageMagick for Android 0.00
division-by-zero error? -1.32
C Exta Values of String 0.00
C: how would I write a search function to look for a match in a str... +4.19
Iterate through int array of unknown length -2.34
Deflate: uncompressing a PNG without zlib (or any other library) +4.22
How to determine return type, arguments, function name from C99 fun... -4.54
How does JNIEnv global referencing differ from jobject in C? 0.00
Android using JNI without static variables +3.82
Unexpectedly large number of TLB misses in simple PAPI profiling on... -1.36
Can I run a program from a SD memory instead of flash on an evaluat... +4.28
Formatted print to circular buffer +3.61
Http client program using socket not working +3.85
write my own memory manager -4.16
Is the ABI part of the C standard? -2.45
Read serial input to a C variable 0.00
How to remove element from list with a corresponding priority queue? +4.54
Why is the reported string length off by one? -0.97
C++ Bad return type? +1.05
Network Programming in C (simple server demo code confusion) -4.15
c, windows - programming a relatively large, threaded application f... 0.00
Behavior of printf on passing less arguments in it -0.82