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Rating Stats for

Tim Biegeleisen

1596.69 (1,882nd)
270,481 (140th)
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Title Δ
Remove Duplicate Values from Table and leave the ID with the most c... 0.00
Mysql Row Value Swap 0.00
Negate matched results of regex expression 0.00
Extract And capture Elements in a string using RegEx, and determini... 0.00
Find the most frequent value in mysql,display all in case of a tie 0.00
MySQL: item count not same as selected items 0.00
removing duplicates depending on combination of columns 0.00
MySQL Result is undefined 0.00
MySQL Aggregation of Multiple Left Joins 0.00
How to use IF formula? 0.00
Tidyr: Drop string until a certain character 0.00
insert values in table by condition 0.00
R Regex: modifying digits of varying lengths at end of string 0.00
Remove consecutive duplicate characters from a String 0.00
SQL: Combine two count queries into one 0.00
Using LIKE with multiple columns in a table 0.00
Rank based on cumulative value 0.00
How to move character from one line into beggining of another in No... 0.00
Is there a way to flatten this SQL data set? 0.00
Add comma after specified length for number format 0.00
Insert if not exits oracle 0.00
Alternative for lead() function in SQL Server 5 0.00
How can I turn a large integer into an array of successive two-digi... 0.00
How to switch first word and last word in a string by oracle 0.00
Git rebase multiple commits in one branch to the master 0.00
How to create Regex to return everything past the last hyphen? 0.00
how can I get a sum of every month before its? 0.00
how can I make Join on different data types of column 0.00
use Trigger to update the column number 0.00
No replacement of question mark in prepared SQL statement 0.00
MYSQL : Grouping rows by dates and making fields in to column names 0.00
Replacing specific characters from a matched string in a regular ex... 0.00
Git won't give status or push 0.00
Regex to extract 2nd and 3rd string 0.00
How can i achieve the following in oracle? 0.00
Is there a way to tell how many times a for loop will execute befor... 0.00
Search for text in IntelliJ only in files with specific prefix 0.00
How to decode booking dates in Wordpress DB 0.00
Can't figure out how to write Regex 0.00
SQL Lite Max value with other values 0.00
MySQL SELECT Query assumes 1623x=1623 is True 0.00
MariaDB Group by Slower than MySQL 0.00
Length() is counting \0 as a character 0.00
Condtional select query if a value in coulmn is empty 0.00
View query without sub selecting T-SQL 0.00
How does git revert works 0.00
SQL IN Clause only returning rows with first match in comma separat... 0.00
How to check any of the list of words present in the string? 0.00
Multiple patterns search in Regex in python 0.00
how to skip a line if particular string is a last word in a line? 0.00