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Tim Biegeleisen

1614.95 (1,250th)
479,078 (67th)
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Title Δ
Row_number in SQL +2.04
How To Parse String In Java With * +1.17
Inserting a word before a sequence of lowercase letters in a string +1.52
Join two tables according to column value specified in parent table -0.57
Write MySQL query to get expected result for test table -0.19
get only zipcode from the address in sql 0.00
regex match first occurrence of a single character +1.84
mongodb index is created but is not used during query +0.49
regex to bring a word inside a quoted substring -2.79
JDBC statement query timeout is 0 0.00
Regex to extract one or two values from text -2.00
In Notepad++ Is there a way to insert data from the second column i... 0.00
Find a list of words using regular expression 0.00
how to solve problem running code for MySQL8 on MySQL 5.7? 0.00
How to find TOP (1) and GROUP BY at the same time +1.10
Printing series in postgres +1.85
Trying to find indices of all regex matches, but some being left out -0.49
Find out how many zeros a number has at the end (string index out o... +0.98
Time difference on "ON" clause sqlite3 -1.75
Find duplicate column multiple value in db -1.32
How do I convert a list of strings to a proper sentence +0.20
increments order in java -2.05
SQL server: Find Max, 2nd Max and 3rd Max values >> Query pro... 0.00
concat in concat mysql 0.00
Replace re.DOTALL with equivalent +0.17
Pivot the row with column's names into a column using SQL 0.00
Spring boot with Mongodb 0.00
Writing a function to scan through keys/names of a list, then retur... 0.00
Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function S... 0.00
MySQL: return count of several items for each row +1.93
ERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 6: Unknown column 'SCORE' in ... 0.00
How to add sql "BETWEEN" conditions inside CASE within WH... 0.00
Find rows that doesn't exist in another table +1.59
Total and Average along with the Data -1.47
remove commit in the middle of a branch 0.00
Multiple aggregates in SQL starting from a query for a single value 0.00
Using regex to match two specific characters 0.00
parse address with regex to get city name and state name -2.32
mysql Select duplicate rows(based on a column) for each id (not uni... +0.34
PHP preg_split keep special characters inside double quotemarks -1.35
use substring function in group by clause in AWS Athena table 0.00
Find Strings Located Between Specific Strings in List Python -0.39
how to split text with regex match +1.67
Return the name of the MySQL column where a select match was +1.08
Get rid of unnecessary spaces when merging columns 0.00
two condition for where Clause in SQL 0.00
How to find maximum value in a table n oracle +0.34
MySQL query to count attendance -0.70
Using regex pattern in gsub r -1.58
SQL String Column - Looking for any integers inside parenthesis in... +1.32