An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1520.71 (29,700th)
1,219 (129,677th)
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Title Δ
Why my request POST swift to php, the content always to be key in PHP -4.36
NSArray from NSString of values vs NSArray of NSStrings 0.00
how to compare double number with 30 decimal places with the highes... 0.00
SwiftUI Tutorial PresentationButton Bug +3.72
Repeated pattern image as background in SwiftUI? 0.00
Swift 5 subclassing from super with required init 0.00
Swift 5: index out of range when returning the array count from tab... 0.00
How to animate elements of a UIStackView that’s created in a separa... +3.78
How can I create a custom view that only displays a grid of lines? +3.75
How to preserve collection view scroll position after changing View... 0.00
Swift 4.2 parse json to use it on UIPickerview 0.00
How to paginate images from photo library in UICollectionView 0.00
How get days name from two days in swift -2.28
Why is jpegData not saving my resized image? UPDATED -4.23
NSUserdefaults lost its memory 0.00
UITableViewCell doesn't format properly initially 0.00
Xcode Swift Making an amount of money +3.92
Map won't appear just the marker iOS 0.00
How to set minimum x-axis inerval in iOS chart? -0.33
POST body request is badly built using NSJSONSerialization.dataWith... 0.00
iOS - Why Does It Work When I Compare Two NSNumbers With "==&q... +3.54
Why is this code not working on the iPad Pro? (JS) 0.00
How do I have a money Int Be Updated by a Function that is run by a... 0.00
iOS Swift 2.0 Done Button 0.00
Swift UICollectionView header appearing properly 0.00
NSDate() - Playground vs. Swift Xcode +3.91
Separate codes for separate touches 0.00
Reverting back to PHP from HHVM 0.00
tab bar controller with view controllers 0.00
Initialize Properties +4.00
Can not create Provisioning Profile 0.00
popToRootViewControllerAnimated not always firing viewWillAppear in... +0.27
the pointer passing returns unexpected error +4.17
divide string into characters +0.27
iOS: How to detect which activity type was selected and execute the... 0.00
MBProgress view and pushing a view controller doesn't display 0.00
Getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS after splitting NSString +4.12
Delegate ivar explanation +4.13
how to get the scroll direction in web view when scrolling left to... +0.24
Delete form fields using Javascript -1.26
How to make a method that rotates a UIView work many times 0.00
How to use SSH on iPhone 0.00
iOS: Find Service Provider of the Mobile from within the App 0.00
ARC frees my view controller view is visible +0.08
Difference between dates calculation not working +0.82
iOS when should @property be in .h and when in .m -4.03
NSZombie Enabled, MallocStackLogging 0.00
Trying to make sense of a reported leak in instruments -3.47
Mac OS X Terminal Colors +3.98
Showing a landscape UIViewController in a portrait UITabBarControll... -4.03